EGNS and Isle Of Man Island, has bad faulty imagery

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There are some bad color issues with many parts of the Island, from lime green to purple
But only at certain LOD levels.
I’m a Developer making EGNS for the MS Marketplace, would be great if the island imagery can be fixed.

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Go to the EGNS, look west for Lime green patches, move west a bit more, for Purple patches

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Its always been there.

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You should report it via zendesk. That’s the best option for local glitches and bugs.

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Odd that this is still a thing since launch. Orkney had blue patches that behaved similarly. That was sorted quite some time ago.

Flew into IOM yesterday and was also suprised to still be seeing this issue as it was there at launch

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I think Orkney might have been fixed with the UK & Ireland update and with the IOM not belonging to either it probably means it was not in somebody’s job description.

A shame really while it’s a beautiful island and with a separate gliding school in the North and an unofficial dirt airstrip near Douglas it’s a great location for slow flyers and microlights.

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Hi there!
This has been reported. The issue is the blending of photogrammetry and effects other areas of the world as well.

Please use this wishlist topic to contribute to:

@SurlierRat06684, I have moved your first post into the above topic. You might want to cast your vote on that topic.

Thank you!

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