EHAM airport

There are a bunch of airports that has bin "handmade"by the team!Butt about that airports they dont make me wild!If I go to EHAM the Fand G gates are mostly 2 or 3 gates/jetways.I dont see any and for the money I have payd at least I should expect one ,dont i ???

Maybe in a PATCH??
Geert Burgstra

EHAM, Schiphol Amsterdam airport is only handmade in the DeLuxe and Premium Deluxe versions…

I have the Premium to be honest none have anything special about them, they look plain and simple nothing special, I also thought they would be different, which to my surprise is not.

EHAM airport is a disgrace how it is made by the devs. It’s my home airport and I work there 5 days a week. How beautiful they made LFPG and EGLL and how bad they made EHAM is a difference from day and night

I like EHAM. MS needs to improve it.

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wich I have the luxe but noting of that all at EHAM!

Funny how perceptions can vary. I landed at EHAM yesterday evening for the first time and I thought it looked absolutely amazing. But then again, I‘m not that familiar with this airport. I’ve only been there once in real life.

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First impression but looks noting to compare MEGA airport EHAM from Aerosoft in FSX.For the coming time I will still keep using FSX!I live next to the airport almost my whole life so…

I just checked EHAM, and yeah it is nothing special, it just looks like any other airport.
You guys are right.

hoping flytampa releases theirs for msfs

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I have the premium deluxe version and EHAM really is not looking at its best. The second control tower at the Polderbaan (18R) is just a copy of the main tower. I already reported this via zendesk. But the answers from Microsoft are not promising at all. Just a default reply. I understand it’s hard, but general running through taxiways should’ve been seen by the Devs in my opinion.

Also the ILS for all runways seem not to be accurate. It wants to go to the VOR DME SPL all the time. It feels not right.

EHAM really is my favourite airport. Since X-Plane messed it up already, I had hope they msfs made improvements. It’s better but definitely needs attention. But there is quite a lot they needs attention. But for now it’s not worth the money.

EHAM definitely deserves a lot of improvement. Taxiing from the “Polderbaan” towards the centre of SPL causes conflicts underway, such as the “Hoofdvaart” main road crossing the taxiway at the same height so cars r conflicting with aircraft.
Furthermore taxiing with an airliner across the highway A4 on the Alpha track causes a collision And fatal crash near the end of the bridge, because the developers created a huge building which is in fact in real life a structure just beneath the surface of the taxiway. As a reallife user from these tracks I certainly think this is a disgrace and it seems to be made amateurlike.
At SPL east next to Hangar 10 there is a huge wall missing that seperates the former Hangar 9 environment.

My hope is that faillures like this will be resolved in the coming future


Isn’t EHAM supposed to be a showcase Airport?

In other words “handmade” was just a SalesTalk in my opinion!You all want a real looking Sim???Just stick to FSX!So commercial company just made money in MSFS you had a chance here to make big bucks!

Yep, just stick to FSX… plus 14 years worth of add-ons! This is basically still day 1 of MSFS and I’m more content than I ever was with FSX.

None of the airports, including the “handmade” ones were obviously ever going to rival premium third-party content. I don’t think anyone (sane) was expecting that.


No but there are bad things in both EHAM and LFPG like dips in taxi ways which crash your plane etc. This shouldn’t be the case if the claim is of handmade showcase airports on which the cost of the product is based.


I think that Asobo and MS knew that, if they made these airports to detailed, they could make it difficult for 3d party developers to update and refine all details.

Yeah its pretty bad they couldn’t even fix the crossing over the highway. Still tho, i just keep hoping EHRD and Rotterdam in general gets some love as well :crossed_fingers:t2:


Also I do not complain the game itself is nicely done and it is not perfect but better than the other ones for sure.

i use to live in the netherlands and regualy commuted to my home country 3 times a month.
alot of it is not detailed at all, and taxiway signage is terrible can only read it as you go past.

2/10 at best on eham for me as soon as there is a payware i shall replace it, which is bad considering i paid extra for this version,

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