EHAM motorway traffic crossing taxiway

Just noticed that there is motorway traffic crossing Taxiway V between RWY 18C and 18R, is it only me or have others noticed this as well?

Whoops. That should be going under it, as is in RL :joy:

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Yep - not 30 minutes ago did I complete EHAM-EGLC and crossed that same bridge with cars going “over” it.

Top-Down scenery generation strikes again. :grinning:

Haha 30 minutes ago I was at that exact spot going home

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Somewhat disconcerting.
There is an identical problem at my ‘local’ airport, Manchester EGCC.

I mean for auto-generated airports I get that it’s hard to avoid.
But EHAM is a handcrafted airport done and marketed by Asobo. Wtf? Did nobody ever try to use it before release?

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Doesn’t mean they didn’t use auto-gen to baseline the airport terrain and layout. But yes, it’s a QA finding.

Only if you bought the deluxe edition though, otherwise it’s a standard airport