EKCH buildings missing

Flying to EKCH today, loaded in before the flight to check default scenery and everything looked ok.

After landing from ESSA though, the only scenery objects to have loaded are the jetways, none of the buildings are visible.

(latest build, WU6)

I also have this at ALL my destination airports. Just jetways no buildings. Latest is LIMJ Genoa.

Same here on xbox. Just sad

Yup. There was a thread open about this issue but it got closed down because apparently they fixed it with WU6

Apparently not.

Apparently a lot of threads g’ets closed very quikly these days, very sad for The community.


Problem not solved with WU6 HF, happend to me today after a 3 hour flight from LEBL into EKCH. Upon arrival, no terminal buildings (just the jetways).
If I go to main menu again and start cold and ark in EKCH, the buildings are there…

It’s most certainly not fixed post WU6 (+ hotfix etc). It’s happening with my local airports in Scotland. EGPF and EGPH. It always happens on arrival, never on departure. I frequently fly in to these locations & see absent terminal buildings and jetways to nowhere.

This is after arrival at EGPH

Next is after loading a flight to depart EGPH (same view, note the small red/white jet).

Definitely no change whatsoever with WU6 (or the hotfix) in this regard.

Strange ground textures in EKCH.