Electrical systems Bugs and revamp/redo planned?


Any ETA on a redo of the new electrical system. There are a few bugs when it comes to the background logic in the new electrical system. These bugs are not present in the legacy electrical system.

  • Massive amounts of current is generated and simply disappears into the batteries or bus.
  • lack of battery charging logic.
  • The simVar of the alternator still shows current being provided, even when the engine is not turning.
  • Mismatch in the current being generated and used.
  • Batteries can be charged to higher voltages than the entire electrical system
  • Alternators providing way more current than they can provide.

I have documented this phenomena in this post.

Additionally, electrical systems have diodes, and/or gates and relays. Simple logic like backup batteries, essential buses, engine buses cannot be done correctly without extra XML code, which is currently very finicky and buggy.

Ty for reading.

Here Here. This should be accurately modeled.