Electronic Flight Bag x 4 Mod released

I released a small mod which adds up to 4 electronic flight bags (EFB) to your ms fs panel bar. Each EFB can show you JPG and TXT files ingame. you can also use PDF files, which will be converted automatically into JPG files.

My Mod is mainly based on the EBAG Mod from Spit40 and the work of Bymaximus and Bergziege regarding ingame fs-toolbar-panels. So credits and a big thanks to them.
My mod contains 4 different EFBs, so you can sort things. For example you can have charts in one efb and maybe POH´s in the other.

A very detailed instruction on how to set this mod up is included (English and German).

Downloadlink on flightsim.to - JDs Electronic Flightbag x 4 Mod (Four Ingame EFBs) • Microsoft Flight Simulator

If you have any trouble with this mod, you could join me on Discord

It is a german Discord server, but some of us speak english and could help you.

Kind Regards



Great work. Thanks a lot.