Elevation Data German North Sea Costline

The coast of the German North Sea is protected from flooding along its entire length of almost 1000 kilometres by complex dyke systems. These elevations, some of which are up to 15 metres high and on which houses and protective structures also stand, are artificial constructions and can almost be regarded as a small Chinese wall :wink: . Therefore, I think these elevations should not be missing in the elevation data. It seems as if the entire North Sea coast has simply been ironed flat here.

As mentioned, we are talking about the entire German coastline, from Denmark to the Netherlands.

I don’t think I’m the only one who would be happy to be corrected.
Thank you very much.
To illustrate this, here are some pictures of Fedderwardersiel and the entrance to Blexen airfield.

Fedderwardersiel Entrance (FS2020)

Fedderwardersiel Entrance (Google Streetview)

Fedderwardersiel exit (FS2020).

Fedderwardersiel exit (Google Streetview).

Airfield Blexen Entrance (Fs2020).

Airfield Blexen Entrance (Google Streetview).


I think the sim is reproducing this area “as designed”, except that in this case the AI is doing a poor job of displaying the correct road textures, and (as you point out) the elevation data resolution is not high enough to display the dyke.

So, I’d view this more as a Wishlist item for a future world or city update than a bug, but voted for it anyway in that capacity. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello SmotheryVase,
I don’t think that the altitude data cannot be reproduced there. Here is an example in my neighbourhood. The difference in height from the road to the meadow on the left is about 4 metres. The FS shows this very accurately. Unfortunately, the road here is overgrown with grass on the car park strip. In the further direction in the opposite direction even more. But the elevation data is all correct. If not completely then indicated.

Google StreetView


I have verifiable other places where field paths between the fields are only about 1m and are correct in the FS, albeit a little round.
The elevation in the dyke is far more extensive. The mesh should clearly show this.