Elevation Issues - Mississippi & Missouri Rivers

Yesterday, I flew a flight from Spirit of St. Louis (KSUS) to St. Louis Intl. Lambert (KSTL). Looking a the Missouri River, the banks of the river and river itself was about 100’ above the land elevation. Once crossing the river, you also see elevation issues with the Mississippi River s well northwest of St. Louis. In an area that is mostly flat, it looked like the river areas created a range of mountains northwest of St. Louis. These issues need to be addressed.

Rich Boll

Did you report it on Zendesk?

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I was just flying around St. Louis today myself and the Arch wasn’t rending in right. I looked fine from Far away but when I got closer it turned into a big square building while casting the shadow of the Arch. Was funny but definitely odd. Perhaps this might be related to your issue.

That sounds more like an LOD issue.

Don’t know. It did look like the Arch was inside the big building that spawned in its place though. I could see bits of it clipping through the outside of the building.

I made a flight from KSUS over to the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers then along the Missouri river all the way to Kansas City. The river’s elevation is raised all along the river then flattens out nearing Kansas City (near KMKC). I haven’t had a chance to go northwest beyond KC to see if it starts again. But they need to fix the rivers altitude all along its Missouri path. I don’t know how to get this submitted to Zendesk but I’ll give it try.

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Asobo needs to fix this, but a community update is available to fix the river


Wow - Great Fix. I had just gotten finished adding it to Zendesk when I saw your post. Tried it and now all is well. Well, I think it is, I just flew over St. Charles not the entire river, but it was nice to see it looking normal. Now if we can get those bridges out of the water… :smile:

I did not report to Zendesk. What’s Zendesk? :slight_smile:

Sorry, new to MSFS’s reporting scheme.



Actually its funny if you follow the River through Nebraska, it starts to form like a little mini 20 foot canyon around it. They are trying to spruce up our geography. Glad I’m not the only one seeing this.

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The Gateway Arch showed up fine for me the last time I flew through St. Louis, so I’m not sure what was going on. I don’t think it needs fixing, it just likely got messed up in your game for whatever reason.

No clue, It might have just been a temporary glitch, I haven’t been back to see yet.

Its got a link at the top of the page, it’s the bug reporting system they’re using. :slight_smile:

Just to bump this issue a little. This problem (and it is more like 250ft) around KSUS is still present in the latest update (
No one spotted this in testing?

Alpha and Beta Testers were and are under NDA and cannot comment on that. There’s no point in offering up speculation.

That said, the world is a HUGE place, and it’s not remotely possible that every square mile has been checked or even that all reported terrain issues have been fixed yet. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

Yep - the world is a huge place, and checking every square mile would be ridiculous, but the number of large airports that are in the sim is finite. I (as someone who works in a flight sim team) would expect that at the very least, terrain, for at least a mile around those airports be visually checked. 200 foot high rivers are quite obvious.

And lets not forget that the vast majority of “Alpha/Beta testers” were not going to be doing much more than just flying around having fun, looking for their house, and occasionally telling Zendesk that X or Y was broken, not systematically going down a list of daily testing schedules - including testing all approaches to airports, from either end and including navaids.

By “testers”, I mean the team that is paid to do testing, and this NDA thing is wearing thin now - the sim has been released - what astounding revelations beyond the fact that many of the “insiders” have stated that they reported thing like this months ago, and they were not fixed are being held back?


So all you have is speculation and rumors. Noted. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

Or we can all play nice and download a fix!

Do you care to enlighten us simple folk? Are you telling us that you did no real testing, as per description above, or that you did do it as a scheduled task list? If the answer is no, then my “speculations” are correct. Please point out the rumours I mentioned and falsify them.

What part of:

are you not understanding? Or do you understand and are using the fact that we can’t talk about it to peddle your smears?