Elevator trim again

I’ve noticed that if you start a flight from a runway the elevator trim works as normal but if you start a flight airbourne your elevator trim has no effect until you land and take off again when it miraculously resets itself. Problem is its not easy to land an aircraft that wants to pitch up violently without you holding in half down elevator on the approach.Anyone else had this problem.

The Longitude trim is priciply elevator trimming (with an emergency trim as backup) :slight_smile:

Yeah, me too… which is why I stopped flying from airborne. I always start cold and dark from the gate, everytime now.

Nothing wrong with the trim. If you choose an autopilot equiped aircraft , besides the C172 Classic, at an airborne position, the autopilot is ON. Just disconnect the AP and the trim operates as usual. If you, for instance choose the C152, you problem will not occur.

I’m flying the Cessna Caravan in manual. Definitely no autopilot selected. Have done some troubleshooting and found that if you do start airbourne but fly around for 5 minutes eventually the elevator trim suddenly comes good.

GaseousBeatle92. Just tried again and you are right. The autopilot button on the caravan doesnt light up when its engaged. I tried another flight and cycled the autopilot button and the elevator trim comes back straight away. Thanks for the info.

Always check the FMA (on top of the PFD) before every flight. If airborne started it will say AP ( in green) if the AP is engaged. Glad I could help you.

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