Elevator Trim realistic addon

For t5hose of you who like ultra realistic elevator trim have a look at this.

Using it and finding it very good

Yes, works quite well.

Original thread / discussion can be found here.

It looks like MSFS has added a new keybinding for the trim wheel. I haven’t tried it yet. Here is the description:

Allow to double the speed at which the “wheel” type instruments are moving (e.g. trim wheel).

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Where is this at? I just looked through all the Key Bindings and didn’t see it, but I just may have missed it.

I think it is in the keybindings for the Keyboard and the Honeycomb Bravo which has a trim wheel.

I will look again. I looked in whatever was selected and did NOT have my Bravo plugged in at the time. Thanks

It’s there. I just reset my Bravo this morning using it and deleted the AuthentiTik and VJoy settings as I didn’t like the pitch change when disconnecting from the AP. I’d rather have to spin the trim wheel like the Wheel of Fortune than have to deal with that abrupt pitch change. YMMV.

Each to their own. Some will like it and some will not. At least you tried it.

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Found it, it’s under Radios. That makes sense, I guess