EMB121 - Xingu - New Embraer aircraft in development for MSFS

Hello! Here’s another Embraer aircraft being developed for MSFS.
This aircraft is the EMB121 Xingu and its design was based on the EMB110 Bandeirante.
It was produced between 1977 and 1987, with 106 units produced.
The majority of them fly in Brazil, but the largest operator is the French Air and Space Force.

This addon has been in development for over a year now, and there is no expected release date due to some mental health issues that prevent me from working regularly.
There’s still a lot to be done, fixed, and tested before the release.


Interesting plane. Looking forward to it.

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Very impressive indeed. Look forward to any updates.

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Looks amazing! Please take care! :hugs:


Two engines and two props. Right up my street!

Looked at a youtube video of the real plane and those engines sounds alone from the PT6’s on take off must have had potential buyers frantically writing out cheques even before viewing.

This is looking really good and impressive so far. Please don’t feel a need to rush it though. Just enjoy the journey :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow this looks great! Another one on my “day-1 purchase” list!

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Hey man, that looks awesome! It looks like you’re really talented at doing this, and the Xingu has always been a favorite turboprop of mine! I’m also buying this the moment it comes out, keep it up!

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This looks incredible! It’s an instant purchase for me!


Fantastic, thanks for the update. looking forward to this.

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Instant purchase for me too, looks amazing. Please if posible have in mind a freight version without seats!


Again, looks amazing, and instant purchase for me as well.

@ReichertB do you have any plans for integration with Garmin GTN 3rd party navigators? I have the one from TDS Sim. Makes it really easy and fun to practice approaches, and Xingu looks like a great aircraft for some IFR practice.

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Looking great. Thanks for the update.

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Looking great! I love Embraer planes, I used to fly some of their regional jets in real life.

Any plans in the future of making another model? Maybe an EMB-120?


Hello everyone.
I hope you are all well.

The add-on is in an advanced test stage and we are getting close to release this add-on.
We plan to release this addon at the end of this month if everything goes well.
The price will be: EUR18.00 + VAT

Some information about this add-on.


  • 8 Liveries (Including two Brazilian Air Force and two French Air Force liveries)
  • Detailed external model
  • Detailed cockpit model with 3D instruments
  • Detailed passenger cabin
  • Detailed animations
  • Detailed PBR materials and textures


  • KAP140 Autopilot
  • GSN530 GPS (Working Title recommended)
  • Custom NAV/COM/DME/ADF/Transponder panels
  • Weather Radar (limited by API)

Warning System:

  • Custom integrated warning system

Anti-Stall system:

  • Stick Shaker
  • C.A.A (AOA Control System)


  • Custom coded AC system (With auto and manual control)
  • Custom coded pressurization system (With ventilation and pressurization mode)

Electronic Flight Bag:

  • Controls: Chocks, GPU, doors, weight and fuel


  • MSFS checklist menu
  • EFB checklist page
  • PDF checklist

MSFS Effects:

  • MSFS icing effects
  • MSFS particle effects

Customizations (Controlled by EFB):

  • Airplane Registration (With the exception of Air Force liveries)
  • 2 glare shield options (New and Old)
  • 2 panel color options (Blue and Beige)
  • Fuel Panel Indicator (Magnetic or Lights)
  • Shades for the cockpit side windows
  • Baggage objects shown according to the loaded baggage weight
  • Save and autoload system for customizable options


  • Custom cockpit flood light
  • Custom passenger cabin light
  • Custom glare shield light
  • Custom and individual spot lights for every instrument
  • Custom landing, taxi, nav, beacon and inspection light

Custom Sounds:

  • Knobs
  • Switches
  • Warning
  • Autopilot
  • Stick Shaker
  • Oxygen Test
  • Fuel Pumps
  • Ignition System


  • This add-on is not study level. However, normal operations are simulated.
  • This add-on is not study level so circuit breakers are not simulated.
  • It is recommended to start the airplane in Cold And Dark state (Do not start the flight at the runway)
  • It is recommended to load fuel and weight using the EFB (Do not use MSFS weight and balance panel)
  • Not tested for Virtual Reality (VR)

Will it also come to Xbox?

Looking forward to this!

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No plans for Xbox.


Interesting looking plane, looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing the video.


Two questions for ya,

  1. Will this have TDS GTN 750 support?

  2. Will the rotating beacon lights be modeled just like you guys did on the bonanzas? That was a neat feature!

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