Emergency Services - Medical, Fire and Police

Okay, it’s a wishlist so why not?

First of all, I know this will never get attention from Asobo but third party devs are also among us and always looking at what we want to get some ideas, so here’s one I would love to see.

Random street traffic of an occasional ambulance racing through the street or a cop, or firetruck. Maybe a group of firetrucks outside a building parked or a cop pulled behind a car (maybe some minor sparks to show a gunfight) :smiley:

I understand the road system isn’t a connected thing and such implemtation or an addon would appear and disapear just like the current traffic, but it would be sweet! I could list many more (like Coast Guard, gang wars, etc but I’ll restrain my mind for the moment). You get the idea.

If someone already has such a thing mentioned I will vote it up and remove mine. I didn’t see anything. Got the idea before release in watching a video from Squirrel :wink:

Those seem to be a helicopter thing. Why not just ambulances and firetrucks racing along the runway to instill confidence in each sim pilot’s first landing?

Haha, I like the way you think. Sure, why not that too!

plz dont tell Asobo coz if they would implement something like this every city would burn down in flames like we now have thunderstorms around the world …

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You have my vote as I always liked such type of missions. In FSX and P3D I used AICarriers to spawn predefined scenes with fires, ambulances, climbers or coast guard ships rescues for chopper missions. But some can also be done with planes (the naval ones for instance). I think Lorby´s Firefighter would be also a nice addition provided that he ports it to FS2020.



It’s probably just me but I have the feeling that the AI airport fire trucks appear everytime I had a bumpy landing.


Go to EKCH (Copenhagen) they’re everywhere.

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