Enable VNAV in all aircraft

Hi, i post this here as a new thread because the existing wishlist VNAV threads are a bit different of what i’m proposing.
It would be great to be able to use VNAV in a proper way, not just in airliners but in ALL aircraft that has VNAV. Selecting altitude for different waypoints in the PFD for example using the G3000 serves no purpose since VNAV doesn’t work. RNAV approaches don’t work the right way since we have to use the Approach switch instead of the VNAV function as it actually works in real life, this should be corrected.
Also, it would be great to be able to previously select altitude for each waypoint when creating a flight plan in the menu interface, and these to be automatically imported to the aircraft system as an integral part of the flight plan.

Hope this comes to life some day, cheers!

Have you tried the Early Access NXi update for the G1000?

It’s available for FREE in the Marketplace.

Your wish has been granted! :slight_smile:

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That is the intended roadmap for Working Title Garmin code modifications (note code modification, not Community Mod, not Add-On) - it will eventually be integrated into the base sim core code. If you’ve tried either the CJ4 Mod or the NXi free download in the MarketPlace - then you’ll know what you’re asking for is what you’re going to get. VNAV works in both - today.

In the meantime, feel free to participate in the NXi thread or join the conversations in the Garmin and NXi Early Access Channels on WT’s Discord Server:

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Yeah, sadly it doesn’t seem to be compatible with the OBS function, something that i use a lot specially when going into small and remote airports, so sometimes it doesn’t serve my purposes better than the vanilla one. Also it’s not possible to modify waypoint altitude yet, but i’m looking forward to it!

Hi Guys,

This was bought up back in 2021 I believe. But there appears to be no button binding for VNAV. We can bind LNAV fine but VNAV is still not able to be configured.

Any idea of a work around, or is this still with Asobo to enable? Now we study level Airbus and Boeing aircraft in the sim. I hope there is some priority applied here.

Thanks in advance

Not sure MSFS has implemented VNAV yet, the only avionics i know that supports it is the G1000 NXi mod…

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A Flightsim produced in the year 2020 without the option to bind a VNAV button… 2022 still no such a “Feature” (I would call this basics)