Ending flight - PMDG 737


So, I’ve just finished a flight from Eindhoven to Innsbruck in the PMDG 737. And I’ve returned the aircraft fully to cold and dark, yet the flight won’t end. (As in, I can’ t log my flight hours). Usually with any other aircraft, once I turn off the APU/Ground power and turn off the battery, the sim ends the flight and shows a screen with my flight hours.

How can I do this with the PMDG 737? What I have done/checked:

  • APU off
  • Ground Power off
  • Battery off
  • IRS’s off
  • Wheelchocks set
  • Ladder set and door open
  • Fuel and hydro pumps off
  • Transponder off
  • AP checked off
  • Parkingbrake set
  • Engine starters off
  • Finished ATC coms, parked exactly where ATC wanted me, under the guidance of ground crew
  • Emergency lights off
  • All generators off
  • Seatbelts/smoking signs off
  • Disconnected all ground equipment except wheelchocks
  • All doors closed
  • Autobrake off
  • Completely unloaded the aircraft of passengers/cargo
  • Set the aircraft panel state to cold and dark using the FMC

Really don’t know what else to do. So if you guys have any tips, please let me know!

Is dev mode activated or has it been active during the flight?

Do you have the sim set to trigger an end of flight with power off? It was added a couple of SU’s ago. Further, if you end the flight manually (hit ESC and then end i from the menu), check your log book under your profile. Is the flight being logged anyway?

Check your log book. Should be all there.

Ah I forgot to mention that. No, dev mode was inactive the entire time. It does work for anh aircraft too.

I’ll check that in bit, maybe it’s just not giving me the screen but still logging it.

I’ll also check the settings but it should be on. I tested it with other aircraft and it did work.

I’ll check it in a bit :slight_smile:

I have had this happen, and I’m sure its because something was still left on (was not following any procedures)…I shut everything down, but the 737 wouldn’t “completely” shut down and give me the logbook.

Solution I seem to have found, or a work around to not shutting the jet down properly (which is my guess),
is to use “Left ALT + B” at the very end. I believe this is the “master battery” keybind. Hitting this fully shut down the 737, and produced the logbook screen.

Ah good suggestion, I’ll try that! Thanks