Ending flights Help!

Can someone help me end flights properly? I don’t know what I have to do in order to complete a flight and have the logbook updated. I’m talking everything from taxi to taxi flights! Every flight shows “vicinity” even though I have landed and taxi’d and shut down. I always have to return to the main menu to start a flight. This is very frustrating and it makes the log book a mess!

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you

In theory, you just need to land at the planned airport, taxi to the assigned spot, shut down the engines, and sometimes completely power down (i.e. turn off batteries or master switch, etc.)

In reality, ending flights is a mess and whether it works seems pretty arbitrary. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Logbooks are definitely disabled if developer mode is on. Sometimes cycling to developer mode and then turning it back off seems to help, but I wouldn’t suggest that if you have never turned developer mode on in the first place.

Yep, totally frustrating.

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So my advise for someone who have problem with logbook flying by A320 or A32NX:

  1. Landing to the airport.
  2. Ask ATC about taxi.
  3. Fallow the taxi path to the box.
  4. DO NOT connect to External Power when you stop!
    DO NOT connect to the Jetway!

Just one simple last step - kill the engines.

Logbook will log your fly that way. After this steps you can push CONTINUE and finish your landing properly (Ex power, Jetway etc.)

I checked. In one of airport Jetway connect automatically to the A320 and game not log my 2hrs fly.
I also couple of times connect External Power before turned off engines - this not working.
I don’t know about lights in A320 but switch down engines on the first step after parking in the box - always working for me.

About different airlines - I didn’t checked.

About small planes - fallow the steps till you need to turning off engines: switching avionics off always working for me. I checked with nearly each small planes.

I hope this will working for you also.

done that several times and doesnt work, or if it does it shows vicinity and shows half the flight time

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Actually, no. You can get your flights to log 100% of the time. You just need to either taxi to an parking space at a towered airport, or at an un-towered airport you must inform ATC you are clear of the runway. The kill the engine, and the avionics, and you get the pop-up log screen. Interacting with ATC seems to be crucial.

I’ve not had a single flight fail to log using these two methods. Also, don’t press the “Continue” button on the pop-up screen, as that also causes the flight up to that point to not log. But if you were to trigger that screen again during that flight, then return to the main menu, that flight would log.

This why upon landing I let the AI take over the taxiing. Ever since doing that I’ve been getting credit for the flight.

Just hover mouse over the in game menu and click on the pilot figure then go down to something like AI controls the aircraft and slide the button to the right.


Do you think that the rest of us who are experiencing problems with this have not been doing exactly what you are suggesting? This issue has already been well discussed. My last three flights did not terminate despite parking at the correct parking space and being guided in by a marshaller after being directed there by ATC. Several flights before those did end correctly. I’ve got close to 200 hours in the simulator, so I can tell you with confidence that ending flights is messed up for many folks. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t and there is no obvious difference between the two cases.


Then how do you explain why I don’t have that issue? I’m not at my computer right now, but I’m quite happy to post my logs to show you. They include time stamps, so you’ll see they are consecutive.

You have to be doing something different from what I am doing.

I’ve been flying in PNG today, and I don’t think any place I visited was towered. Each time I contacted ATC after landing to tell them I was clear of the runway, stopped, cut the fuel, flipped the avionics switch, and the menu pops up.

I usually leave the ATC window open as I taxi at un-towered airports, so I can stop as soon as the option to report clear of the runway appears. In the past, I found that for very small airstrips it’s possible to taxi just far enough away that it reports you in the “vicinity” of the airstrip.

Not a single one failed to log, so I’m genuinely mystified why this doesn’t work for some people.

Add your vote here.

I don’t doubt that this is working for you. There is a bug and whatever the problem is, you have clearly not managed to hit the code path that triggers it. Look, the shutdown feature isn’t some complex thing. It isn’t some monumental feat to get the flight to end. If you taxi where you are supposed to and shut down, the flight ends. Except that sometimes it doesn’t. We know how to get our flights to end; that isn’t the problem. The problem is that it doesn’t always work. I get that you probably think you are trying to be helpful, but you are coming across as condescending and it isn’t appreciated.

Forgetting about what you are doing, I’m not doing anything noticeably different from what I’m doing. Whatever the bug is, it is complex enough that it is intermittent. Whatever the difference between you and I is, it has nothing to do with the steps we are taking to end our respective flights. I’ll have dozens of flights end properly, and then suddenly things will stop working for awhile. If you have spent any time on the forum, you wouldn’t be mystified. Most of the issues being reported affect large groups of people, but not everyone. That is the nature of software. There is some set of conditions that will trigger the bug and whatever those conditions are, they are non-obvious and not everyone stumbles into them.

Totally agreed with you👍🏻

So if it isn’t the process, what else could it be? I assume we are both running the same version, although I doubt that is relevant as this has happened for the last two versions, and possibly update 3.

Maybe the plane we fly? Or perhaps the hardware? For me, the shutdown procedure is pull the fuel lever back on my TQ6+, then flip the avionics switch on my Saitek switch panel, and not use the keyboard or mouse at all. I can get away with flipping all the switches, including the magnetos, to off, including the alternator so that the only things left on are Avionics, and the BATT. Flip either one, and it trips. Could it be the virtual cockpit, if you are using the mouse/keyboard to shut down? The commands are being sent via SPAD for the panel, so SimConnect, but that’s beginning to sound like clutching at straws at that point.

In any case, my next flight I will do what I usually do, but use the mouse to pull the fuel lever, and flip the avionics switch, not the hardware, and see if that makes a difference.

I used the mouse to pull off fuel, and flip both avionics switches, and did not use phyical hardware. Taxied just off the grass strip at SMH, and told ATC I was clear of the runway, and the flight was logged.

important is “parking” and this in the exact parking place which MSFS had reserved for you if you request “taxi to parking”… this is the reason why I currently allways have the “parking path helper” to on. Then sometime engine shutdown or Avionics shotdown trigger the end.

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The conditions to end the flight seem to vary at times, at least with the A320n.

It does seem to make a difference in which order you shut down the engines.

Sometimes it helped me to let the PM do the last seconds as she or he would shut everything down in the correct order. Unfortunately she or he sometimes decides to go completely nuts and run the aircraft into a building or head for the runway again.

Just completed another Neofly mission, from SMH to AYLP:

Changing the input device, to mouse, made no difference.

I’m pretty certain it’s not the aircraft, or the location. 172, 182T, and Mooney M20R all work for me.

Mod wise, I have the GNS530 mod installed, and some custom scenery, but that’s about it.

The only assistance option I have enabled are the taxiway guidance ribbons, although for these types of flights it doesn’t even appear. But it may well be something less obvious, like a setting in General, or Assistance, that is the cause of this.

I don’t know. I was thinking about it this morning and I had the same thought as @judgedrebb’s wrt engine shutdown order. I can’t remember if I’ve had this issue in a single engine aircraft. I do think I’ve been successful in ending the flight regardless of engine shutdown order, but I’ll start paying attention to that. Even so, it is hard to isolate variables given the complexity of the simulator.

On my last flight last night, my flight ended on shut down as expected. The two previous flights (which did not end), were with the same aircraft (A320 A32NX mod). Other than arriving at KORD (while the previous two flights were KDFW arrivals), I didn’t do anything differently. My normal shutdown procedure is to set the parking brake, idle the throttles, and turn off the engine master switches. I’m somewhat certain that I shut down number one first on all three flights.

Yes, I would assume that we are both on, but as you note, this has been seen across all versions. I wouldn’t have suspected hardware–though I didn’t know your Saitek was going through Sim Connect. In any case, I’m using keyboard and mouse to interact with the virtual cockpit and it sounds like you just confirmed that to be working for you.

It seems that there is something really subtle that triggers this (either controllable by the user or not). I’ll post if I figure anything out. Please do the same on your end.

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But if one is flying all bush planes only about 50 to 60 percent of all properly terminated flights show up in log book. It is and has been a random event since day one.

One thing is for sure the log book is broken. I can understand all the work arounds but it just needs to be addressed.

yes… but… isnt this not only important if you play a game and would be the man with the highest amount of flight hours ?.. Of course, I miss lot of log entries ( I would say around 40% of my real flight time ) , but the only reason why I would need that, is to remember the places where I was…

That’s why I reported. If many people reported I guess they will do quickly.