Ending flights Help!

LOL over 260 votes in the other thread its been ongoing from 9/17

This Log Book behaviour is really strange indeed.

I had flight with A320NX today that was from EFHK (Helsinki) to EGPH (Edinburgh), ~931 nm. After I was landed to EGPH, I didn’t have no option from ATC to request taxi to the gate, so I parked to closest gate and shutdown engines. No “End Flight” window popup, and have to end flight via ESC.

When I check Log Book, it says that I have landed to EFNU vicinity. EFNU is 19 nm from EFHK? Very strange.

In my Log Book, there is many “vicinity” landings, wich I haven’t notice until today.

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"This why upon landing I let the AI take over the taxiing. Ever since doing that I’ve been getting credit for the flight.

Just hover mouse over the in game menu and click on the pilot figure then go down to something like AI controls the aircraft and slide the button to the right."

This has worked now consistently for me! Still, they need to fix this.
Thank you

Glad to be of service!

Yes, this is just a work around until they get around to fixing this.

Happy flying!

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