Endless CTD

Is anybody experiencing endless CTD randomly?

I just bought two sceneries in Simmarket and every single time I launch the sim and go there it closes, not even ends loading.

This is really irritating and unacceptable.

Before you ask, my windows, my sim, my drivers are all updated.
I am currently having ONLY payware stuff installed, no fee mods for anything. Default planes too, which makes it even more irritating.

I’m also using the Addon linker

Thanks for any advise


Uninstall the scenery and see how the game runs and if it runs ok contact Simmarket support.

Hi Carlos.
Any chance this latest “known issues” applies to any scenery you have….


  • Some texture enhancement add-ons and outdated mods can cause the game to crash.


Just tested another scenery Newcastle by Orbx, and also crashed

Hi, thanks a lot for your reply
I don’t have that mod

I’ll try Dubai as I flew there for hours last night. I’ll be back as this is really driving me crazy

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Dubai crashed too, what a disgusting nightmare :rage:

I restarted my computer and then a message saying that the application (MSFS) was not able to run because I was “disconnected”?..

Then this “beauty”

So I’m proceeding hoping this gets fixed.
Thank for the speedy assistance

Well it didn’t work, still having the crashes

Not sure if this is what you mean: Asus GeForce Tuf gaming GTX 1660 Super OC edition (6G)
I believe the OC stand for overclocked.

I ended uninstalling and reinstalling. Finished at 1 am around 4 hours
Now I have to install all the addons and test

Thank you

The question is how do you determine this when the game is not reporting what is the offending add-on?

I believe the following topic is under-rated and could help all of us if implemented though:

Debugging and Crash Report Log - Self-Service / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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Try it without any add-ons or managers/addon linker etc installed. Just pure vanilla MSFS. See if it runs without crashes.

Yeah sounds reasonable

Yes I’m about to.
Zendesk also replied with 7 steps to follow to verify all is ok
I will check them too.
Thank you all for the support

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All is working fine
I’m so afraid of installing the add-ons again and f… it up :woozy_face:

By the way
Does your sun at sunset looks also like an atomic explosion?


Addins have no permission to overwrite anything. Find the bugger ! You could reinstall your Content Manager addons in three groups… put the scenery back first… that stuff is local and definitely safe. Restart… see if it works, visit some places… Then put back your payware aircraft, test it… and then skip all the rest… Fly a few hours to make sure it works… Then, leave the sim, put the \Community scenery in, test it… then leave again, copy community aircraft in… make sure you test.

If this all works, the cause must be server blues or hardware (that occurs, reinstalls help) or it is some Addin you haven’t restored yet: no scenery and no aircraft, but an Addin doing special things, like special effects, airport enhancement, tree distance correction, seasons, external controls, NavMap replacements, etcetera… Just put them back last, do it one by one, testing each Addin for proper behaviour !

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Ok noted
It will take a very long time then.

I hope this time it works
Thanks you


I’m glad that you managed to fly again, after all the effort you had to put in. Very curious to know which add-on is the culprit. Your efforts could help the community tremendously!

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Closing as OP solved issue. When posting on the forums please use the correct category and search before posting.