Engine Consumption Jetliner BUG

Dear Users and Developers.

While flying the Airbus 320, I have found the for all speeds from 0.68 to 0.82, the engine thrust is the same. Real-World physics is not quite like that.

If you look at the table, you will find that for the long-range cruise the fuel consumption is totally different at FL390 than what it is for the same flight level with different engine settings.

Look at the example: FL390 for 2600NM is fuel consumption is 11,581KG, But if you change the engine setting to consume only 8,925KG you will fly only 1975NM. This also concludes that there is a BUG in the model of the Jet engines.

We can add to that, all Air condition, and ANI ICE system affects the distance as stated in the below table.

This was discussed in todays Q&A. It is what is holding the Aerosoft CRJ back from release.

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