Engine shutdown once at top of climb B777

I was just getting to the top of climb from stuttgart to London and the 777 engines just shut down mid flight and I couldn’t turn them back on anybody know why this could be?

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I was at flight level 380

This just literally happed to me my last 2 flights! I couldnt get them to restart (king air 350) CTD is happening more than ever now as well

Is this the 777 you are talking about for captain sim and also are you on series s?

Yes im on series s

Hello @KINGAMB777.

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If the cockpit goes black, this may also be of interest.

i had that too, till someone mentioned for custom fuel tanking, it automatically refills the reserve tanks instead of tank 1-4 if you use the first slider. make sure you only fill and use tanks 1-4 inside the fuel menue in msfs. since then it works perfect for me !