Engine Shuts Down at idle

This is a new one that just occurred today. While idling, the engine turns off. Wasn’t doing anything at the time. It happened repeatedly. I look at the ignition switch and it was in the “ON” position. I was flying out of Flagstaff Airport at the time. I’m going see if it happens again after I restart. The only thing that is different from prior flights is that I just got a new mouse. I really don’t think that caused anything. Everything worked under increased Throttle. Just when I came to idle, the engine stopped.

I will try to take a screen shot if it happens again.

What airplane? Props at high altitude airports might shut down with mixture set to full at idle. Try bringing the mixture back a little.

Were you by any chance using the freeware Goose from this forum? Because that plane behaves exactly like that :thinking:

I was flying the Beachcraft Bonanza G36. The Mixer was set at about 60% but I could turn it back a bit more. When I’m at a high altitude airport. I think Flagstaff is around 6,000 + feet. I’m still getting used to the setting. Not sure how to mess with mixtures. Bit of a novice.

Nope. I would probably shy away from add-ons at this time as I’m a bit of a novice.

Ah okay. With your other message I can give you this tip:

The mixture has a ‘sweet spot’. Start leaning (pulling it back). Untill it spikes and drops again. Around that spike is where you want to be.

This has to do with fuel to air ratio. For the physics behind it, Google is your best friend

Hope this helps

7,014’ to be exact. Before flying, as said before, find the right mixture. Run the RPM up to about 1800, then adjust the mix for best RPM. To find the very best mix when you’re in the air, adjust for highest EGT - but be aware that this takes about a minute to respond. Start with the RPM peak, then lean a VERY small amount at a time.