Engine Sound just stops when flying fast

Hi Guys

First of all great Mod! But something is really bothering me. The Engine Sounds stop when youre flying faster even at Full Throttle. And yes i know the A320 is a really quiet aircraft but it doesnt make sense at all… because the wind sounds dont get any louder when youre flying fast but the Engine Sounds disappear. Total immersion Killer. You could make the Wind sounds louder when gaining speed so then it would be more believable. But other than that great Aircraft! I just think sound is so so important!

That shouldn’t happen!
I use the FBW A320 a lot.
This is the first I’ve heard of this one.
Did you check your sim and especially your Window’s audio settings?

Yes Sir! Gonna make a video later. Im using the stable version.

Try removing the existing FBW folder from your community folder, and reinstall it.
I’m not too sure how stable the existing “Stable” version is after the MSFS update.
You could also try a different version of the FBW.
I use the experimental myself.

Okay thank you! I had the same Issue with Experimental and dev version. But yeah maybe a reinstall will do!

I had to remove the folder and reinstall.

Nope didnt work.

Check it out

The “Roar” gets very quiet. Its maximum Power. How can 32.000 hp become so silent?

That’s odd.
My next thoughts are a conflict with another addon.
Have you tried with the community folder empty of all other addons?
If you have a lot in there, just rename it, make another new empty community folder and reinstall the FBW.
If it works, just start putting back the others a bit a time and testing in between to see which one it is.
If this doesn’t work, you should probably go to their discord support site, they may be able to offer more advice.

They said its “normal” that the wind gets “louder”… Well i think its flawed sound design. Now they insult me… Oh how i love discord! Im an sound Engineer myself and i think it just doesnt feel right…

Well of course the faster you go the more wind noise, but it’s not so much the wind gets louder, it seemed to me your engine noise basically drops right off.

Exactly! But they said its “normal” and that they had to “compromise”.

I will be doing a flight tonight with the FBW.
I don’t recall mine doing as yours, but I’ll give it a close listen.
I don’t recall it ever not increasing with a throttle increase, especially like the example.

Thank you Sevenfyler. I have now a timeout on their discord… wow…

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“last warning, conversation is over. feel free to fly other aircraft if you hate the soundscape so much, please stop trying to provoke a response. As for everyone else, don’t respond as you’ll get nowhere but be brandished under the same nuisance, let’s keep support on topic please.” Lovely people…


Pretty much yeah.

Well, when you’re flying at supersonic speed. You are essentially travelling while the sound gets left behind you. :grin:

Yup but its not the Concorde Mr Anderson.

You may have hit the nail on the head there, thanks!!!
I listened to the sound, not paying attention to his speed.

Never happens on any PMDG Aircraft, DCS, or XP11 Ixeg 737. I dont know why its bothering me so much… it just puts me off.

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