Engines cutting out on propeller aircraft

i have x52 pro and using default setup at the moment
when i load the cessna 152 or most prop aircraft the engines usually run for about 30 seconds
my x52 pro moves the throttle control in the aircraft but engines do not respond
checked mixture and fuel valve but cannot get power to engines
tried doind the landing at courcheval the live event but engine just loses all power then crashes
i dont think it can be anything to do with with my x52 controller as the throttle moves in aircraft showing 100%
even tried uninstalling and reinstalling but getting the same result
hoping someone can possibly help me please
jeff storey

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Can you try setting the mixture to 50% and see what it does?

yeah i will try that shortly
thank you

I am now getting the same problem on the Courcheval challenge. I have mixture set to use my TM Throttle friction axis - which has a nice detent at 50%. At the start of the challenge, the mixture is defaulting to around 50%, in cockpit. Setting it lower with the controller cuts out the engine, as does setting it higher than around 75 to 80%, after the final turn. I can no longer reach the runway without power loss leading to a stall into the hillside. On day one, this was not an issue with the same hardware, and the same settings. I did quite a few attempts with no issues.

Something must have changed, and it doesn’t seem that it is specific to the OPs hardware.

just tried that with the cessna 152 i thought at first it was better but rpm slowly went down to zero so did airspeed then crashed
tried with the cessna and instructor same thing no power it does not matter where you set mixture or throttle
never experienced this before in any sim

hi [chintz14
i have had this from the start does not matter what i try throttle works in aircraft but engines do nothing but lose power then crash

Just loaded the Robin into a different airfield, and the mixture / throttle is fine.
It may just be some conflicting device too. Did you check all other settings to make sure your chosen throttle & mixture controls are not being used elsewhere?

I have noticed that Windows has been blocking a lot of access to restricted folders by some of my driver /config software - Win10 recently updated - I wonder perhaps that it could be something like that ? It’s worth a check for peace of mind.
press windows+I, go to Update & Security, Windows Security, and in the main window - Open Windows Security, then in the popup window, click on Virus and Threat protection ^ below Current Threats is an option to see Protection History - which will let you see if anything important is blocked from acessing system folders or memory - and allows you to enable them. Apologies if teaching you to s u c k (that word is censored!!) eggs - someone else may benefit.

EDIT: Just took off after a couple of touch & goes, with aq short flight inbetween & again lost all power just after takeoff. Clear summer weather (South of England), no icing. Mixure set correctly. All Failures OFF. Now in a Cessna - same thing, followed by NO primary controls working in game. This is getting to be frustrating.

hi chintz14
checked what you recommended nothing in protection history unfortunately
just tried robin at eglc engine cut within a couple of seconds of pressing fly now
tried courcheval again about the 10th time crash in same place every time
thanks for resonding

I have found that the mixture is a little odd, and it is repeatable with the courcheval event.

On my Warthog HOTAS I use one throttle as mixture and the other as the throttle. I have found that if you reduce the mixture a little, but do not return it to max, the engine won’t die on you.

AFAIK You set your throttle, and ease back on the mixture while watching RPM to get best cruise - That is what I use, but got power loss as Sparejeff200 did, though not consistently between flights and aircraft. Currently, after restarting, it works again (using TM throttle slider).

I think there is a non repeatable bug. that may be related to other hardware perhaps. I also have problems with CH Pro pedal brake settings behaving randomly.

Still, it is early days - although I have to say that my hardware works fine on all the other sims I use.

Do you have anything set to toggle the magnetos, battery, or alternators? I had this when I would load into something already running, if the magneto or battery switch on my yoke are set to off or I forget to turn the magneto switch back to both from start the engine dies eventually.

No I dont think so I have never mapped anything to magnetos I will have a look
Thanks for that

By default the X52 Axis Joystick R-Axis Y is mapped to Mixture. So whatever you manually do in the cockpit, it will revert to the X52 setting.

I just noticed with my Bravo throttle quadrant, any lever that has been set to what should be 0 (i.e. idle throttle) it starts decreasing until the engine stalls. Basically the bottom 1/3 of the axis is unuseable. I swear, every time I fire this thing up there is something else wrong with it.

Are you running the Bravo right out of the box?
The reason why I ask; for some silly reason, although the inputs appear to be mapped right, they appear to behave a bit whacky (i.e. rubber banding the mixture on a Skyhawk to full rich).

You might need to clear and remap the inputs.

I’m using the Complex Single setup, it was working before, but now, it’s like the bottom 1/3 of all the axises (?) are just cutting off the engine. When I try and remap them it crashes the game though. i.e. when I click to clear the input, it freezes and never recovers and I have to CTRL ALT DEL to get out.

I’ve seen elsewhere that it is a Carenado problem, with how long they took to fix the fuel tank selection issue, I give up. I won’t be buying anything from them or for this sim until the sim itself is more stable. Ridiculous that we’re over a year from release and it is still this janky.

Hi there, I’ve been experiencing the same difficulties, e.g. flying along with good power in the 152 - and then the engine quits. Have you received any clarifying responses?

i have the honeycomb alpha and my problem with engines cutting out was the magnetos
cant remember how i configured but check in settings

I have been experiencing the same thing flying the C-152 using the CH Flight Sim yoke. It’s fine at take off - but then, consistently and at some unpredictable point and at various altitudes, the engine loses power and the plane crashes. Maddening! I have had this program for over a year and I have yet to complete a single flight. I soooo miss FS 2004! If it was available, I’d switch back immediately.