England looks good but Thames river water level is off

Latest update looks very nice, except for water levels way off. Several structures along the river underwater. Good try Asobo, you may want to retouch the update, shades of other parts of the worlds were the water levels are way off. But there is progress, I could not find the Big Wheel by the river …

Flew from RAF Benson to Reading, River Thames is in about a 100 feet deep ravine now along that stretch.

Additionally every house in the Reading Area appears to be a bungalow/single floor.

I own the Orbx London scenery and it sure appeared they were competing with one another. We had two London Eyes on top of one another although I have to hand it to Asobo. Theirs actually turns. Some parts of London were just flat and washed out with no buildings. I’ll bet that is the competition between the two sceneries. My guess is Orbx needs a fast update. I’ll try it again tomorrow with Orbx’s scenery turned off.