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ROG can be hit or miss … my motherboard still has USB3 issues (X99 lurgi) however my new 3080 OC ROG MENTAL OC doesnt have the issue some of the other brands are having. I saw one go on ebay the other day for £16k … HOW MUCH !

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Yikes!! I’m glad my 1080Ti is working nice. \o/

yes was impressed how well my 980ti did @ 2k. The 3080 is also a great room heater with 3 x 4 way 12v supplies.

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RIght? Blender benchmarks were pretty sweet though. :+1:

just downloading i hadnt run that yet will report back after BSOD, failed system recovery and resultant full system restore from my nas box.


Nice. I’ve been trying to get a 3090 but I think they are a pipe dream for now. I edit videos and photos as part of my job of aiming things at people and shooting them. So I sadly need the 3090 to reduce my work flow and get more “play” time.

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i’ll buy that for a dollar ! perfect business case.

Sure does. I charge by the hour and won’t drop the price😁

This thread has gone off-topic, though I am not entirely sure the original topic was going to last anyway.

@imaner767612 - Those pictures are stunning, you should look at putting them in the #flying:user-screenshot-gallery

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