Entire game downloading again for no apparent reason!

Is there a new patch or something because my entire game seems to be downloading again?
Release notes are for which is the same version I already have installed. Had no previous issues CTD etc, so not sure what is going on.

Same here. WTF?

Did you have a windows update?

im getting just 1gb :rofl:

CORRECTION: its this

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I had a 1 GB first then a 25GB update?
Played it earlier today and it was fine…

what if you stop downloading that entire game, restart pc it shouldnt not download it fully just 1gb only

Thanks but its half way there now so I’ll push on. Interested to see if that works in the future though…

Not only downloading but only go up to 6% and reset and 6%…now can’t play any 1 have idea how to get past 6%

I also had a 1 GB first then a 25GB update? Not sure if it is all working now :frowning:

Mine was 26GB total, so not just navdata I guess, unless it includes charts for the entire planet :slight_smile:

I only got the 1 GB update but then my game kept crashing when I tried playing. Could net even load up a flight.

Already discussed in this thread:


Glad its not just me, thought I had corrupted my own installation! I will wait to see the outcome, luckily I have 60MBps connection speed, so shouldn’t be too long.

…and luckily Asobo sorted the initial download problems. It took me 3 days to download the sim first time!
Having said that, I’ve just downloaded the update. Only 1 Gb required for me and now running the sim OK.

Oddly this happened to me a few tiew. Then it seemed to correct itself and now its fin again!

Hi @TeenyArmadillo7, going to mark this one as closed if you don’t mind. Sounds like you got it sorted? If not, the link @Pieloth mentioned is pretty similar and has a lot of discussion regarding this issue. Thanks for understanding.