EP 17 - Venice and Beyond (LIRJ - LDSB) - in TBM 930 - Adventure Through The Skies Group Flight/Podcast with Microsoft Flight Simulator

Join us on our Adventure Through The Skies as we, Far Isle Pilot and Flying Cookie, discuss all things Microsoft Flight Simulator.
From Addons and Updates, to its future development and the technology that will make it happen, discover the perfect mix of insight and entertainment, while flying over the world’s most exotic and scenic locations.

We fly every Thursdays (UTC/7PM EST), streaming live on Twitch [Twitch] with voice chat on the official Microsoft Flight Simulator Discord [https://discord.gg/msfs], in the Events (PODCAST) Voice Channel.
Catch up on our previous Podcasts at [Adventure Through The Skies - A Microsoft Flight Simulator Podcast • A podcast on Anchor].

This week: EP 17, we visit Venice, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Florence and explore the Adriatic islands.
Download the Flight Plan [VFR Marina Di Campo (LIRJ) to Brac Island (LDSB).pln - Google Drive] and Come Fly With Us!

Multiplayer Info:
Server: East USA
All Players
Traffic: At your Discretion
Weather & Time: Morning
Aircraft: TBM 930 or similar, cruising at ~240Kts

We are using 3rd party Freeware Scenery
Download it to have a true Leaning Tower of Pisa instead of an autogen cylinder :smile:
https://flightsim.to/file/423/pisa-tuscany-italy [214MB]
How to locate & install scenery: https://flightsim.to/help/getting-started/


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