🛩️ EP51 Adventure Through The Skies - Around The World Celebration Part 2

This week, we continue our big world exploration that we started on our 50th celebratory episode of the Adventure Through The Skies series!
We will fly the remaining section of our flight list posted below.

Instead of a flight plan, we have a list of places where we will spawn and fly around.
You may find this list here: 🛩️ EP50 Adventure Through The Skies - Around The World - Google Docs
We will begin our flight at YSSY - Kingsford Smith, Sydney

Multiplayer Info:
Server: East USA
All Players
Traffic: At your Discretion
Weather & Time: At your Discretion
Aircraft: Aviat husky A-1C or Xcub or similar, cruising at ~110Kts (+/- 10kts).

Flight Time Scheduled to 2021-09-23T23:00:00Z2021-09-24T01:00:00Z

See you there!

MSFS Discord: https://discord.gg/msfs
Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/flyingcookie6508