🛩️ EP55 Adventure Through The Skies - Idaho Valley

Join us in the large valleys of Idaho for some bush flying while we chat about the Q&A, aviation and tech news! Bring in your plane and your questions!

Flight plan: Ep_55_-_Idaho_Valley_Challenge_II.pln - Google Drive
We will begin our flight at S90 - Elk City Airport

@FarIslePilot has selected a variety of add-on airports to enhance this week’s flight!

The destination airport (if you want to download one or two, choose this one)
(Dev - PhotosByKev)

Airports we will land at

Johnson Creek Airport: Johnson Creek Airport » Microsoft Flight Simulator
(Dev - Baddweapon)

Lake Mountain:
Lake Mountain, Idaho. A STOL paradise » Microsoft Flight Simulator
(Dev - PhotosByKev)

Pistol Creek Ranch:
ID49 Pistol Creek Ranch, Idaho » Microsoft Flight Simulator
(Dev - trfsto)

Thomas Creek:
121.2 KB file on MEGA
(Dev - PhotosByKev)

Marble Creek:
127.6 KB file on MEGA
(Dev - PhotosByKev)

Flying B Rach Landing Strip:
Flying B Ranch Landing Strip 12ID, Idaho, USA » Microsoft Flight Simulator
(Dev - Wookie042)

Mile Hi Airstrip:
52.8 KB file on MEGA
Dev - CarbonProp)

Dewey Moore I99: 106.1 KB folder on MEGA
(Dev - Bush Hog Designs (IcyMittens)

Vines Landing (I98D):
105.4 KB file on MEGA
(Dev - PhotosByKev)

Simonds Airstrip:
35.9 KB file on MEGA
(Dev - Hutch)

Cougar Basin:
Cougar Basin (PZ12) Idaho playground » Microsoft Flight Simulator
(Dev - PhotosByKev) (for a Halloween scare, check out his Cougar Basin scennery link under Best Experience, below!)

MacKay Bar:
110.3 KB file on MEGA
(Dev - PhotosByKev)

Wilson Bar USFS (C48):
107.2 KB file on MEGA
(Dev - PhotosByKev)

For best experience - they add a lot of life and character to the world

Cougar Basin (PZ12) Halloween Add-on pack » Microsoft Flight Simulator
(Dev - PhotosByKev)

Dave's Crooked Library » Microsoft Flight Simulator
(Dev - BadMed)

Dave's 3D People Library » Microsoft Flight Simulator
(Dev - BadMed)

Dave's Seaplane base object library » Microsoft Flight Simulator
(Dev - BadMed)

Mikea.at - AssetPack » Microsoft Flight Simulator
(Dev - Mikea.at)

(Dev - Blinn)

(Dev - BadMed)

Multiplayer Info:
Server: East USA
All Players
Traffic: At your Discretion
Weather & Time: At your Discretion
Aircraft: Cessna 208b, Savage Caron or similar, cruising at ~140Kts (+/- 10kts).

Flight Time Scheduled to 2021-10-21T23:00:00Z2021-10-22T01:00:00Z

See you there!

MSFS Discord: https://discord.gg/msfs
Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/flyingcookie6508


for someone that usually doesnt use many add-ons, this is a lot for this one episode

are you going to have the savage gravel installed? or just the carbon?

I will fly the savage carbon

ya, but will you have the gravel installed for people who use it so you can see them?

i can add it in

Server: changed to South-East Asia

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