🛩️EP63 Adventure Through The Skies - Mountain Madness Part 2

We are back for part 2 of our challenging set of runways in Mexico!
We are also introducing a fun software that i’ve been writing in my spare time: Radark.
Radark is a utility that allows basic failures to be sent to the sim. If connected to a server, it can also allow me to trigger these failures at any time. This is Radark’s introduction, and hopefully it will work without issues :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Feel free to join and ask questions about MSFS, we’re happy to answer them!

Flight plan: Ep_63_-Mexican_Mountain_Madness_Part_II.pln - Google Drive
We will begin our flight at MXDX - La Cienega Airstrip

No add-ons for this week’s flight!

Multiplayer Info:
Server: East USA
All Players
Traffic: At your Discretion
Weather & Time: At your Discretion
Aircraft: C208, PC-6, Kodiak or others cruising at ~120Kts (+/- 10kts).

Flight Time Scheduled to 2022-01-14T00:00:00Z2022-01-14T02:00:00Z

Download Radark0.2 beta here: Radark0.2beta.zip - Google Drive
This is standalone and should not be installed in the community folder. Read the ReadMe
Version 0.2 is out with a nickname feature to select users for failures.

MSFS Discord: https://discord.gg/msfs
Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/flyingcookie6508


Have updated Radark, 0.2 is here with a nickname feature, allowing me as the server to personalize failures per user

is there a VC for this event?

There is! Voice chat called Group Flight/Podcast in the event section

here are some screenshots from the event


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