Equivalent of WideViewAspect from FSX for MSFS for triple monitor setup?

Is there an equivalent of WideViewAspect configuration variable from FSX, for MSFS 2020, for those of us with a triple-monitor setup?

I am using Nvidia surround to present three 16:9 monitors as one monitor, at a resolution of 5760x1080, to MSFS. This appears to be the only way to make triple monitors work with MSFS at this time.

But the two side monitors show geometrically-distorted views which are quite distracting. For instance, circular instruments appear as long ovals. Houses zoom by at 3 times the speed they should on the two side monitors.

Such problem used to be fixed in FSX by setting the configuration variable WideViewAspect to True. For instance, www.youtube . com /watch?v=qjbCFNSofpk video explains how you do that in FSX. Remove spaces above from the URL.

I much prefer XP11’s triple camera solution. But that doesn’t exist here.

So, any ideas?


looking for the same fix.

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Very few people appear interested in this distortion problem for super duper ultra wide screens (or triple monitors). I think we need to raise awareness. I just wrote a long article with picture illustrations today: xinhaidude .com/2020/08/22/geometric-distortion-in-a-triple-monitor-setup-for-msfs-2020-compared-to-xplane-11/

remove the space before the “.com” from the URL to make it work.


It’s a major shortcoming of MSFS 2020 that it doesn’t support proper triple monitor setup, which is pretty much the standard for any home cockpit builders - an audience that MS/Asobo assured they would cater to.

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