Eric Flight Come Fly The TransAmerican Bicycle Trail Marathon Fundraising Event 7/30/2022

It’s official! We will have the Eric Flight TransAmerican Bicycle Route Marathon starting on Saturday, July 30th, 2022. All the information you need to participate is in the briefing available here: Fly the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail Marathon Briefing - Google Docs

Also, you need to register in order to be “official” and qualified to win raffle prizes. Register here (make sure you read the briefing first):

We are currently looking to see if OrbX and Drzewiecki Design will donate prizes (scenery) again…we will also contact others as well so we can get some prizes for participating

I will update with more posts as more info becomes available

GREAT NEWS: Drzewiecki Design has just said they would be willing to donate some scenery to those that fly The TransAmerican Bicycle Trail as a marathon…more details to come

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MORE GREAT NEWS: It looks like JustFlight will be donating an aircraft add-on for the event as a prize for those flying it as a marathon…more info to come

It’s official…JustFlight is going to donate one of their products from here: Just Flight - Just Flight Products

It will be raffled off for all those that fly the event as a marathon (see details in briefing)

Event is confirmed totally on July 30th so feel free to register if you can fly. Hope to see you on stream!

Started getting registrations today…hope to see more register for this charity fundraising event!

Recevied more registrations tonight. Looking forward to more!!!