Error 499

It was downloading perfectly when it said “Please wait” after it stopped downloading it has 59GB to go and I have a red error message saying “Something went wrong the download, see 499” this is frustrating as there is only 59GB left to download, no matter what I do I can’t get it to download again.


i got the same problem and i dont know how to fix

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Have you tried going into Apps and Features, finding if the app is there, and pressing reset?

Reset didnt help in Apps and Features either for me!

Maybe found a solution for me (at least its is downloading again):

  • Force close FS Installer
  • Delete latest/newest patch file in install folder (was fs-base-cgl-0.1.28.fspatch for me)
  • start FS again
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Hi ! Thank you very much ! After I did so, downloading restarted again :+1:.
Now I’m waiting for the end of this long waste of time…

Did this work for you guys? Were you able to get it all loaded?