Error with Update?

Was given the mandatory update message. All community folder items had been removed. It went to the MS Store, which is correct, and the store downloaded about a 1.03GB file. Then gave me the play button…which I clicked.

This launched MSFS. However, there is usually a screen that appears to do the acutal update. It never appeared. Went to the main screen. But, I have aircraft (two Carenado planes) missing from my hangar (even though they are in the “official” folder). And, I do not have access to the “Marketplace”.

I put my items back in community folder. My 3rd party aircraft (Airmacchi, Eurofighter and Bleriot) DO show up.

Very frustrated… I think the update at MS Store has failed…any suggestions would be helpful and appreciated!!

I am sorry to hear of your problem. I have moved your topic into the new Bugs & Issues category that launched today. Wishlist is for requests for new features to be added. Bugs & Issues is for errors like the one you are having.

Thanks for relocating it. I have a hard time navigating this forum.

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