Error: "Your connection had an issue while streaming data, you have been switched to offline mode."

I purchased through the Microsoft Store,After upgrading,the game loads but it will not download high detail data and puts me in Offline mode when I load an airport.
Error: “Your connection had an issue while streaming data, you have been switched to offline mode.”

Thank you ,but Bing world data and photogrammetry always keep turning off .Seems like every day I start up the game again my bing data world graphics and photogrammetry are set to off and I have to turn them back on.However no connection to bing data.

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I’ve been running into this problem a ton recently after su7. If anyone figures out how to fix it let me know, It’s been driving me crazy.


Me too. I updated to SU7 and I cant load a flight it freezes before entering a flight now. Gets to like 90%. Worst part is I’ve done everything. Even reinstalled the game 2x and its still doing it, which takes half a day to download again. This is maddening.

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did you install the google maps mod?

Yes I went to try it out in fact and then my game loaded and updated to SU7. Nothing but problems since. So I reinstalled the game 2x and no go. I just did a system restore and that might have worked but now my control profile is gone for my PS4 controller. This game is a pain in the ■■■ it breaks constantly whether it’s stuff like this or simple bugs it’s a love hate relationship.


I’ve started getting this issue in the last few days, every single time I start the sim… anyone else?

EDIT: Issue seems to have dissaleared with the hotfix

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I need help sir, im getting this issue can you tell me how did you fix it

No idea, sorry… This was in january and it disappeared by itself

It’s back again!

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