Esc Key | Behavior Changed

Ever since WU6, the behavior of Esc key changed for me. I usually fly only the a32NX and every time I use the escape key for going to the the control or accessibility option, as soon as I resume the flight, I have full flaps along with speedbrake extended. It doesn’t matter much on ground but acquires a different dimension altogether while in air.

I tired to see what all assignments does the key have but it isn’t anything other than pausing the sim for going to these menus. Any insights will be appreciated here, it is quiet an irritant for me right now.

Check your bindings - this used to happen to me when I had some controls bound to non-existent axis (example TCA Quadrant by default has flaps and spoilers bound but if you don’t have the a TCA add-on it causes problems like you describe).

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