Escape Gamepass

Not knowing if I would enjoy the Flight Sim scene I joined Microsofts Gamepass to try out the New Flight Simulator

It was Great flying over places i have only dreamed about. So in my joy i purchased Microsoft Flight Sim inside of gamepass

Since i did not play any other games i let gamepass expire, only to find out i could no longer play the Flight Sim

I had to now rejoin game pass to use the game. Can anyone please tell me if i can get out of having to use game pass but still have the game without having to purchase it again


Sounds like you bought the (premium) deluxe addon for the Gamepass base sim from the in-game marketplace. If I’m not incorrect this notifies you that an active gamepass subscription is required to run.

You probably should have purchased the full sim from the MS Store, not the addon from the marketplace.

You can try filing a ticket for a refund, and purchase the sim (from either MS Store or Steam) after that. Not sure if that’ll work, but it’s worth a shot.

So I purchased MSFS through Steam but I still had to initially sign in to Microsoft to complete the install process if I remember correctly. I never used Gamepass itself personally. You may just have to sign in to Microsoft to access the game if you already own without re-purchasing it. I don’t know why u would have to buy it again.

EDIT : I see the other responses make more sense than mine so I think my answer would not apply to your issue.

You bought the Premium upgrade without buying the base edition. That was your problem. You “own” the DLC, but not the base edition to run it on.

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