Escape shuts down engines

So this is one I have not seen since december. When I press escape while flying to change settings the engines shut down when press escape again to get back in the sim. Never seen this before on my end. No funny keybindings either that could cause this.

I use a X52 Pro.

Looks like there’s a double binding somewhere that caused the engines to shut down on ESC.

Hi mate, checked everything and no double binding, I have not done anything to the keybindings, all of a sudden hitting escape and then to escape out it shuts everything down. What on earth could cause that?

I have a similar issue except for me it’s just a zero throttle condition. Now that I’m aware of it I simply throttle up as soon as I resume. Just started to experience this phenomenon recently.

The only suggestion I can give is, to use a Blank Keyboard profile, without any binding.

I get full flaps and speed brake. Just had a new controller so still checking for default key/button strokes.

Sounds like the ESC Reset bug that’s detailed already in the forums. Usually in conjunction with the CRJ

Thanks for the heads up, I found my problem searching with your ‘ESC Reset’, mine was with Thrustmaster throttle quadrant.

If you’re using TCA quadrant without the Addons, you have to remove the bindings for the spoilers and flaps. That’s because it’s feeding the sim with phantom inputs, since you don’t actually have the hardware connected that tells the sim the actual position of the levers.

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