ESGG ILS Localizer not correctly aligned correctly after Window 10 reinstall

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I recently updated my computer with brand new hardware, only old part left is my GTX 1080 card and SSD’s. That made me to reinstall my Windows 10. I have MSFS and steam games installed on an separate SSD’s. Before the upgrade of the computer I had no issues with the ILS on ESGG on either of the runways. Now after brand new install of windows the ILS localizer are not correctly lined up to the runway on both runways. I thought it was ORBX ESGG related, so I removed it and used MSFS default but same issue. I removed all addons and tried, still same issue. Since I like to fly alot to ESGG I decided to do complete reinstall of MSFS 2020 so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. After couple of hours of installation I tried again. Again localizer issues on ESGG. I’ve talked to other people that been flying to ESGG recently, they do not experience any localizer issues at ESGG. Glideslope is correct tho.

May this be related to some hidden files in “appdata”? I noticed after reinstall that my joystick and graphic settings were still saved from previous install. Something that might be corrupted somewhere else?

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1: Load in to MSFS with/without any addons.
2: Fly around ESGG and tune in frequency to either RWY 03 or 21.
3: Follow the ILS towards the runway and notice that the localizer is not aligned correctly.

There is a slight offset on that airport in the MSFS data.


But the farther you go out, the bigger the divergence. I think if you fly this ILS it should bring you to the threshold though.

There’s a lot of airports in MSFS that have this problem.

Like stated in the first post, I did not have this issue before I reinstalled Windows 10. Other people that has been flying to ESGG have not encountered this problem.

Well, the image is from the MSFS data. It’s not so much just offset, but the beam points to the side. So what you’re seeing in the airplane is a reflection of that faulty data. The further you are out, the more you end up on the right side of the runway.

Why it worked previously I do not know. Do you use Navigraph and that wasn’t reinstalled? The other people might be using that.

Might also have something to do with your ORBX scenery: that one might have the good data but somehow gets overwritten by the faulty MSFS data. Might explain why at some point it worked properly.

I suggest you read in my first post as I already explained this. I have tried on vanilla MSFS without ANY mods. And I have also tried WITH mods such like ORBX ESGG and navigraph. Still same error. Appreciate you trying to help but read my first post before asking things that I already explained. :slight_smile:

Hmm, I don’t feel the usual fuzzy warmth of appreciation though…

But all the best with any other responses. :slight_smile:

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