Establishing the ILS on the PMDG 737

After days of watching videos and following checklists (thanks especially to British Avgeek), I finally completed my first full flight on the PMDG 737-700. It is a great addition to MSFS. However, the end of my flight from EGSS to EDDM did not go quite as planned. Via Simbrief, I planned an ILS arrival on Runway 8R at EDDM. Turning final at the specified altitude of 5000 feet, I activated the VOR/LOC button and was rewarded with ILS recognition, but as I approached the landing, I was unable to capture the ILS once I had activated the APP. Instead, the vertical bug, which had appeared considerably above me at 5000 feet, stayed at the same level above my horizon until I reached touchdown (once I realized the problem, I landed the plane manually). I have no idea whether the problem I encountered had to do with the simulator or the 737.

Has anyone had a similar problem (at any airport) or know if I missed a step in the ILS landing procedure?

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negative I am doing one flight a day with the 737 and have not had any problems. Perhaps the problem may be the airport.

This is the same thing I am experiencing. It’s frustrating to say the least. VOR/LOC no problem, soon as I hit the APP button, nothing. The plane keeps flying straight. No glideslope. I was wondering if I was doing something wrong, but I’m not. Also, I’ve been testing at different airports, it’s all the same!

Since my original post, I have managed to accomplish several ILS arrivals at airports other than EDDM with flawless G/S capture. That led me to conclude that the problem was airport specific. I guess not. Will report here if I run into the problem again.

Still the same for me!

I have had ILS capture problems at several airports. Last was 22R at KJFK. Instead of capture the aircraft continues to turn left and does a 360 at 3000’ at CORVT. It will continue at the same altitude but with tighter circles and bank angles if you allow it. The ILS will not capture during a Manual landing. I have checked my settings and instillation and believe the problem is a bug.

I believe the problem is caused by a conflict with AI Traffic.

Interesting. How did you come up with this surmise?

I fly the 737 regularly and have difficulties establishing the ILS on some occasions especially if there is a lot of AI traffic. I also have trouble maintaining the ILS heading after capture if there is some variation in the normal approach. i.e. ATC gives me a similar heading, but not the same as the ILS prior to capture. All this is variable but the conflict with the AI traffic is the most consistent. The aircraft flies well but there is inconsistency in approaches. Not sure whose problem it is, the 737 or me? Over the years I have flown the PMDG 737 in FSX and the ZIBO 737 in X-Plane and I feel confident in my ability to manage the MSFS 2020 version.

I am having the same issues. Been flying 737s in XP for quite some time, quite a variety of them actually, and have no issues there. In this aircraft I’ve never had a successful ILS landing after a half a dozen tries. The LOC function works pretty well, but the G/S does not. Usually I wind up either way too high or too low, or too fast, and have to go around and land manually. Anyone who posted earlier in this thread figure out what’s going on?

That’s weird. I’ve never had a single issue with the ILS and have flown to probably 20 different airports. Do you have the ILS frequency set as active for both pilot’s and copilot’s systems?

Still the same for me. Unfortunately it’s not an issue for PMDG because not everyone is having this problem. I think the parameters are too tight for an ILS landing. If you miss whatever small window there is, forget it!

I haven’t really had a problem provided I follow a few steps: first make sure my MCP altitude is set at or slightly below the ILS capture altitude defined in the approach chart (e.g., if the fix is for 2700’ MSL, be sure my VNAV descent altitude target is 2,500’ - 2,700’). Second, be sure of my ILS frequency is set on both NAV radios before turning onto the final approach course. Third, having the final approach course set on both captain and FO sides. Fourth, once the white diamond appears for the Localizer as I’m turning onto the final course, set VOR/LOC on the MCP, then wait until it the FMA indicator text turns green to confirm the localizer has been captured, and the localizer diamond at the bottom of the PFD should turn magenta. Ideally, you will see the white diamond of the glideslope indicator slightly above the centerline on the right side of the PFD. This indicates you are approaching the G/S from below, which is ideal. Last, once the localize is confirmed captured and you see that G/S indicator, activate APP on the MCP. The FMA should quickly show G/S in green and the glideslope indicator diamond should turn magenta to confirm capture.


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Thanks for those suggestions. Most of these I’m doing already. In my experience with other 737s having the FO dialed in for ILS is not necessary unless you’re attempting an Autoland. Several other items are also not required so I’m wondering which sim versions are more accurate in terms of real world.

Anyway I’ll try these out . Thanks for responding!

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Great detail and explanation , don’t suppose you could do a video as well. sorry to ask