eSTOL | STOL & STOL-Drag Competition | Hosted by BurstixTV

Are You a Bushpilot? Do you enjoy Short take-off and landings?

Then this is the thread you need to read!

We are partnering with National STOL, to bring you the best eSTOL events possible in MSFS! Comming very soon!

Don’t forget to join our regular “practice” events hosted & Broadcasted by BurstixTv !

We’ll be hosting Organized STOL & STOL-Drag-Race competitions in different classes where everyone and almost every plane is welcome!
Our first major Competition will be held on our beloved Event & Practice STOL Field at Johnsons Farm (0VJF) created by ANNOV and aviable at !

For more Info, stay tuned for posts of the eSTOL Team members @ANN0V & @ADKAir and our Host @BurstixTV on this thread and join the BurstixTV Discord!


I’m up for a bit of this!

BTW, helicopter can do 0ft launch hahaha


This looks like way tooo much fun! Thanks for making it happen!


We are considering Helicopter STOL Drag! This is something we need to go over to Iron out the details, but more details soon!


:shushing_face: :shushing_face: :eyes: :eyes: :shushing_face: :shushing_face:


Hey everyone! We have released a freeware scenery for this weekends Preliminary Exhibition eSTOL Competition!

The scenery is modeled as a replica of National STOL’s (the IRL STOL Organization) upcoming real-life event, National STOL is holding a real life competition here at this airport on September 1-2 in Gallatin, Tennessee, KXNX, Music City Executive Airport!

The airport we released is modeled using the actual Aerial site plan that National STOL uses to set up their event!

Make sure to pick up our hand crafted scenery compliments of STEU3R and ANN0V! Go download it at KXNX - Music City Gallatin, TN - eSTOL Event for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS and get a few practice runs before you fly in to the event at 9:00am Eastern this weekend! Competition starts at 10:00 am, you must be at the airport before 10:00am Eastern to compete!

Anyone is welcome to stop by and spectate at anytime, just be aware of airport traffic when coming in because there will be a lot of aircraft in the area!

Spectators will be hanging out at Twitch See you guys Sunday morning!


What server region is this on?

Results of the Competition at Music City, 8/27/2023

First Heat:

Second Heat:

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That was a fun event! Well organised for your first try I say!

I really picked the “wrong” plane for it. Was missing the useful headwind that we had during practice, but even with that I’d have still been 4th :rofl:

Looking forward to the future of this. Good times!

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nah may not the wrong plane, it just depence on what averrage points the Flying Flea will get we might put in a class that suits more to it :sweat_smile: :joy:

Haha yea we need a “almost no brakes” class :slight_smile:

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We will have an eSTOL Training session and competition Live on stream @BurstixTV , either today, the 01/09/23, or Saturday 02/09/23 after the National STOL events this weekend! The Music City STOL Competition will also be live from Music City Executive Airport in Gallatin, Tennessee today and Saturday.

Watch their competition this weekend starting with practice today at 12:30pm and Competition on Saturday at 10:00am. Catch that action right here → and view the schedule here →

Results of today’s Demo-Competition:
congrats @BurstixTV , @outsidebad69 & @CrispkindOG
Thanks to all the participants

Results of todays Practice Competeition:


This was a lot fun today! We had 40+ viewers from the fly-in and through the competition and this was just a prelim event!

I can’t wait for the big event on Oct 7th! 2pm est.


Nice one! Was with my boy this weekend so couldn’t join in but hope to make it next time!

36 (or even 31!!) and 14 are great scores lol. Was that with a strong head wind ?! :slight_smile:

Maybe headwind should be noted on the sheet?
Or do weather preset with no wind to standardise it between sessions?

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A Little Teaser for the upcomming big eSTOL Event Competition Produced and Broadcasted by NationalSTOL on OCT.7th
Keep your eyes open for more detailed Info releasing very soon!
Also don’t miss the Practice session - Stream @Forder1702 - ForderLearnToFly next tuesday SEPT.26th !

top right handside below the Class section u can find the Wind notet from the ATIS with Live weather
…4-6 knots from 100° :wink: :v:

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The time has come! Registration is now open for the first ever National eSTOL Competition! Limited spots and classes, get them while they are hot!
Sign up here

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Time to register!

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