Eurofighter Typhoon February UPDATE patch [Honest Review]

Here’s a quick review of the latest Eurofighter Typhoon found on marketplace by Flight Sim Lad.

Recent update patch 1.10 update, see the results :eyes::slightly_smiling_face::+1::airplane:


For liveries, the author (JiannisCamel) has given permission to add them.

Yeah, I mean… there is no reason to fly this garbage at all.


I bought it and I have regrets. I feel I should get 50% back on what I paid. exterior is okay bit the interior is just low textures and the avionics are just a mesh of other aircrafts avionics. The afterburner looks bad too. Handling is decent. I hope the creator continues work on it.

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Did AC :cloud_with_lightning: DC give their permission? lol

Did Iron Maiden? :wink:

It’s the same author… JiannisCamel

I’m getting bad stuttering when using this aircraft, all the rest are funning fine running smooth. GPU also shows only 40-50% usage whilst all others show 100% usage. I have a R9 3900x and RTX 3070 so more than enough power to run at 1440p. I’ve uninstalled the Euro fighter and reinstalled, same issue. Any suggestions?

It’s more than lightly the rendering not keeping up with the speed. Ie Internet loading or rendering distance etc.

Just a heads up, as it might save the curious a bunch - this plane is free on Simmarket until may 23rd.


The flight modelling is a bit unrealistic, from wheels up to 800kts in seconds. Also, you can’t fly low that fast as per Fishsticks5876. I don’t mind it for high flying getting from point A to B fast with a different perspective view. In VR it’s difficult to read some of the panels. I didn’t expect it to be like my FA/18 in DCS but hopefully it’ll not be an orphan project and we’ll see some good updates.

Unhappy with this purchase and lack of refund policy has put me off buying other jets from the store. Typhoon supposed to be nimble agile it’s not , jet turbine sounds incorrect reminds me off 90s sims, accuracy of cockpit and exterior no comments as am no expert but the cockpit buttons are not fully operational and only textured

It´s a nice idea to bring some jets to the Flight Sim - but it should be Eagle Dynamics or HeatBlur quality :slight_smile:

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If you are looking for a great and stable supersonic aircraft military type check out Evan’s (Top Mach) F-22. One of my favorite to fly, can do mach 2.4, FBW and other features. It is also freeware and is better than any of the payware stuff out there right now.