Even the livery pack is a disappointment

I have indeed heard that if you distribute for free that it’s “sort of ok” however as these are being sold for a profit…

Who knows? Maybe Bredock has managed to get legit licensing agreements with these airlines where Microsoft have so far failed?

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I think 5 bucks for 4 Low quality Liveries (I disagree, they are not good in my opinion) is pretty expensive. If you argue like that, than you couldnt complain about the non flying dc-6 because you payed 4 euros per livery lol


I was happy to pay £4 if only so I could have a aircraft that resembles real life rather than the default sim liveries. Don’t think I’ll be rushing out to buy more now that I have these, hopefully future purchases will have real life liveries included with any new aircraft I’m buying.


I’m sorry but that’s a silly comparison. The DC-6 is a lot of money and isn’t really functioning properly at the moment. The liveries are just that, liveries. Of course you are entitled to your opinion on them but comparing this to the DC-6 is plain daft.

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The KLM Dreamliner could be flown into the caribbean. Nice livery and nice scenery without flushing money down the drain.

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Despite my initial excitement at having real world liveries to use I’ve had to uninstall the add-on as I am getting constant CTD issues on my Series X with the liveries installed. Longest I can get the sim to run has been 5 minutes and most often crashing as soon as I load in to the airport. With this pack deleted the sim is running well again.

Also pink outside at certain LOD. Releaser has posted to say aware and looking to fix. For £4 I’ll be happy once sorted.

Did these people seriously put “Bredok3d” on the engines of something that is supposed to reproduce a real airline livery?

I’m not surprised that the quality is terrible. As a general rule you want to avoid anything from this developer since their stuff is abysmal, but slapping one’s brand on a Lufthansa livery goes beyond even the lows I already expected from them. :thinking:

Nah. They simply don’t care. To be fair, almost no third-party developer cares. Plenty of aircraft launch with liveries of various airlines that most definitely have not been licensed.

Microsoft cares because, as a massive multinational, they have a much bigger chance of stirring trouble if someone at an airline wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, but potentially, a vast majority of these liveries on third-party products could be hit with a DMCA takedown at any time.

There could be a case for fair use, but it’d be murky and problematic like all copyright cases.


Sorry to ask here. I am trying to figure out how one deletes add-ons in XBOX??? I just don’t seem to find a way to do it either from Xbox settings or Content Manager… Thanks

It’s in the content manager. Find the pack in the list of installed items and once selected you have the option to delete.

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I’m wondering if the contracts and agreements that they’ve been writing up with the airlines have specifically been to allow third parties to host products that use these companies logos, etc; without the 3rd party dev having to chase licencing agreements of their own.

MS would have to do this anyway if they’re going to host the content on the marketplace and it makes things easier for content creators. It also takes the work off themselves to add liveries in the game for planes and AI traffic, etc.

Jorg did say that the contracts were signed and models were “being made”, maybe he meant by the likes of Bredok and other 3rd parties? I just struggle to understand any other reason they would green light this kind of product. It’s certainly a risk from a copyright perspective.

Also people have highlighted these liveries are unsurprisingly slapdash, Delta text is not aligned and the flag clips over the windows. That’s all I had to see to know not to give it the benefit of the doubt

It’s unrelated. Microsoft is making its own models and liveries and seeking licenses because they are being scrupulous about it, with reason, considering their size and visibility.

Third parties sell liveries on the marketplace all the time, even if as part of aircraft usually. It’s a legal grey area that has been exploited for decades. Microsoft simply doesn’t want to exploit it directly, but they will allow it to third parties.

Liveries being hit by DMCAs is a rare occurrence, but it doesn’t mean it can’t happen. It happened in the past when touching copyrights by companies particularly sensitive to it like Nintendo.

One thing is for sure. I can guarantee with nearly absolute certainty that Bredok3d’s liveries aren’t licensed by anyone.

If companies like Lufthansa were to officially license such liveries to a third party (likely including Microsoft), they would absolutely want oversight on their quality. They’d never, ever accept this kind of sloppy work, let alone having “Bredok3d” slapped on their engines. Those kinds of companies have extremely overbearing departments looking over their licensed branding. Any officially licensed livery would go through an extensive cycle of checks and approval of fonts, colors, decal positioning, and overall quality.

Thanks a lot! I suppose it didn’t work when I tried it as I was trying to remove a Bush trip which might be part of the game itself and not a Add-on. Cheers

The Lufthansa livery is completely wrong. It got the gray belly of the old livery but the new one on the tail of the aircraft.

All photos of the D-AINJ I can find show it with the old grey belly. But also with the old tail. So Bredok doesn’t even made a proper livery of the real plane but slapped parts together and vandalised it with its own branding.

Why Microsoft feels so safe allowing those addons to the store is beyond me. Even the operator of a store can be held responsible if he puts something on sale where we should have know the questionable legality.