Event Calendar?

Where is the community event calendar???

original post, and is also a banner on the forum :slight_smile:


You have to go into every post to see the dates and times. Hopefully this gets resolved sooner than later.

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Working on it! We don’t like that it is missing either, it is very important to us. :slight_smile:


Maybe this is a good time to give the feedback that the event calendar has always felt very slow and unstable. Maybe a good chance to optimize it? That would be amazing!


Or organisers would add the event date into the title ad interim. That would help a little.


Much like Aussie Group Flights has begun doing. (date & Zulu time) I would like to see that on all the entries. Even with the calendar this is still very at a glance for quick browsing.


I agree very very slow maybe they need to get faster servers lol

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Can’t believe I’m reading this.
Who again was hosting this site?
Is that really such a little company that they are not able to create a simple events calendar? :roll_eyes:

Obviously, MSFS funds should go into hiring a dev for a full week to develop a calendar system, instead of using already made tools that comes with the standard Discourse forum software.

Oh and also, that big company is just one big monolithic group of people, all of which can work on Windows, Office or FS at any given time, depending on what they want to do that week.

I agree with you, i cant believe im reading this

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The new event calendar plugin is now available.