Event to activate Follow the flight plan (vs. HDG_HOLD or AP_HDG_HOLD_OFF)

What is the (sort of) opposite of HDG_HOLD , that tell AP to follow the flight plan (in this case ILS HI Route)

I have AP_HDG_HOLD_ON and AP_HDG_HOLD_OFF and toggle working…

When I trigger AP_HDG_HOLD_OFF … what do I trigger to start or resume the flight plan??

I believe that would be the NAV function/button.

But you also need to have the correct source selected, like GPS.

thanks, I’m looking for the EVENT t(programatic in the API) hat is fired when we selected the button.

Sorry about that!

Here’s a site that has the latest:

Please forgive me but how does this work? Is it simply a matter of adding code to the config that allows us to toggle HDG on and off? Because I need some solution to do just that.