Ever Follow an AI plane?

Just wondering if anyone’s follwed an AI ‘live’ plane to its destination. I’m wondering if you can follow one all the way to the end…no reason but to have fun


Well, it would be interesting to see if it just disappeared some distance from the departure airport or actually flew all the way to the destination. Interesting question.

A few months ago, I flew from Chicago to New York, and I unintentionally followed a Live flight for about 20 minutes. I thought the Live traffic should be visible as long as the transponder is active, which should mean the entire flight. I’ve also thought about following a flight recently. That would be really cool.

I’ll have to give it a shot this weekend :slight_smile:

I have followed numerous AI’s. They just disappeared.

I haven’t followed one, but I was doing touch and gos at Heathrow and noticed the same AI flight kept reappearing on short final after I’d seen it land.

you are looking for super traffic board aren’t you? Sadly there isn’t one for MSFS. I hope and pray one day we get it but I fear it may never happen. If I knew how bad MSFS was for AI traffic I would never bought it. Super traffic board is a program that I can’t live without but apparently I will have too for some time.

Not all the way to destination, but practiced intercepting and following airliners for a while in the F-15 just for funsies :wink:

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