Every Time Something - For now done

OK, today, tried 3 times to have successful flight. All three failed, but one was heating contractor was working and I had to quit before I got started good.
2nd Time-Using right mouse button to move around CP to start things, switches, align nav, etc., and every time I moved mouse ball, the screen would go off into never, never land. I could not get height in CP, nor get into the left seat to get plane to taxi state. The mouse actions happen a lot.
3rd Time and Joystick would not operate throttles, could use keyboard, but then brakes would not stop plane and ended up in the grass. It seems (no failures-initiated period) I try to fly this plane lately something kills the plane or my flight. YES, it could be MSFS (which has been PIA since release). I can go to another place where no one else is (multiplayer is NOT enabled) and fly around sometimes. I have tried to use this plane and this sim all week, and every single time something prevents me from being able to get started. Really wish I had not spent money on this plane in MSFS because, the sim is a total mess. I have way better success in X-Plane 12 Beta and believe going to just quit using MSFS for a while and go to XP. It starts correctly, I can fly the default 737-800 around and not have all these problems. Will wait until after the 11th of November and see if the update loads and if PMDG ops center has update before I fly in it again, just way to xllsadl;ifhj much trouble going through my CL and cold and dark to get it working and things just do not work, when getting ready to taxi or TO. MSFS IS A MESS,

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Sorry to hear that you have such a hard time with MSFS.
I don’t know what joystick or yoke you use, or if you have rudder pedals or not. First you should get these set up correctly before attempting any flight. Yes it is more cumbersome in MSFS than in XP.
To set up and calibrate your controls, select a simple default airplane, like the C172. Once calibration and settings are done go for a short flight in that 172 and get the feel in clear weather conditions without any wind.
Hope this helps.

I am flying happily and without any serious problems in MSFS - none of the mentioned problems ever occurred on my setup. Nevertheless loaded the demo of XPL12, flew for 5 minutes, laughed and deleted it. To each their own I guess.


Is X-Plane still a thing!


I accidentally shut down my sim by moving my mouse around and somehow clicked the border and instead of clicking back on the game to resume I guess somehow I clicked on close and poof it went. Can’t be bothered to change to full screen mode because I need quick access to other programs and have other programs open while simming. Was a one off thing, but sure did made me heated for a moment. This was right before TOD.

Sorry to hear about your problems.
Which plane is this topic about?

Hi, I am sorry to hear that you have so many problems with the Bredok3D 737 and the CS 7477.

Why not try the Fenix and the PMDG? :smiley:

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Sounds like your hardware is causing issues and not so much the game. Did you check your bindings?
Does enough power go to the USB ports?

Also note, when using the mouse view while that is used controls are frozen, same for dronecam.


All - Appreciate your comments, been flying sims and this one since release. Have had controls configured for over 14 months, last night new error.
Went back later, and the F-14 flies fine, in both programs. I did re-calibrate Virpil CM2 and CM3 in their software, and then in both sims, although XP had all my settings as did MSFS. I don’t know what it is with PMDG 737, but things happen in it, no failures set.
X-Plane is much easier to problem shoot, configure flight controls, and it opens and starts in less than one minute. I can have plane configured, and at one of three choices, ramp, runway or at a point in the air 10 miles out from any approach I select worldwide. Getting to that point is in total under 2 minutes. Currently, I wait at least 3 minutes to get to main screen in MSFS, and then it takes me at least (cold and dark start in 737) 30+ minutes to get the plane started and ready for pushback.
So between the two of them XP is wayyyyy faster. And since I do not give a fig about scenery being so clear I can see the apples on a tree, it’s fine for me. I was taught to fly by a Delta Captain in the MD-11 30 odd years ago, so it’s not like a newbie here.

Update: For MSFS “start State” is set to cold and dark, nothing running period. Was trying to taxi out, and throttle would not respond. Going to try later on this evening. Thank you all.

You can configure the PMDG 737 for takeoff or start or whatever state you want it in, then save that state, and load that state at the beginning of each flight. No need to spend 30+ minutes setting the aircraft up from cold and dark every time unless that’s what you’re into. The ‘load state’ option is great, saves a lot of time. You do this from within the PMDG 737 FMS.

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But setting up the aircraft is one of the BEST parts of every flight.

Wonderful to see the interstage turbine temperature rising, slowly stabilizing, and sinking when N1 is stable, checking the load sheet and the weather report to set the three QNH´s (or whatever the plural of this word is :smiley: ), observing the bleed air valves of the APU and the engines open and close depending on what the aircraft is doing (packs on or off, engine start or running).

Wonderful absolute wonderful!

All this greatness is missing when just starting with running engines and with everything switched on…

The best part is how the ADIRs need 9 minutes to calibrate, real mechanical gyros and transmitters waiting until the GPS satellites have passed some distance in the sky to calculate the vectors and therefore triangulating the position - and the DDRMI comes on as soon as the ADIRs are running.

I wish starting a computer or a car would be that awesome, and complex.

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All - I redid the flight from last night. Tonight, everything worked just like it should have. Put in FP into FMS, made an inflight change to cut 120 miles out of route (should have fixed it before I left ramp), RNAV went just fine, rough landing, should have slowed more, and gotten down a little bit more, but did not crash or run off end of RW. Took it to parking and shutdown just like I should have. Also think That Because I did not create Flight in world map, did not get credit in Logbook for hours and landing, but did not take time to see. IF, I fly this plane and use ATC the best that can happen is flight following, as I did not put in FP using World Map, so ATC aint got a clue on what plan is. Not sure this integration will ever get correct. Very happy with how this one went. I think I caused last evenings issues, too long story, suffice to say, I did something to Virpil controls I should not have done, and paid price for that. Thank goodness I was able to get it fixed and did not brick units. We can consider this issue closed and fixed by OP. Thanks to all for any suggestions as well. MS71

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So you weren’t as done as you thought. No matter how many times we rage quit it keeps pulling us back.


I think we’ve all been guilty of rage quitting and vowing never to play a particular game before. Yet 24-48 hours later we’re back. :rofl:

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The curse of FS. Should be spending my time studying and yet I somehow trick myself into thinking I can just set up a long flight and studying during cruise. Never works well for me when I do that. End up spending more time in sim than studying.

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Yes. I’ve done the same. Many times. :rofl:

same. Imagine having to start your econobox car by turning on fuel pumps and the battery before you can turn the ignition. Then you gotta wait for the cars GPS to align so hope you don’t gotta go anywhere in a hurry

Years ago, starting a PC was that cumbersome. I remember putting in an 8" floppy disk, then turning it on, and it grinded away at that for 5 minutes or so before you got this ugly green “A:/” on screen. Then you got to give it instructions line by line, and some of those took forever, we have come a long way in the 40 odd years PC’s have been around. The first computer (1940’s) filled a building, and the phone you use now is more powerful that it was. Loading data into it took days, and used punch cards, and if one was done wrong, program had to start all over.

Actually, well yes and no (rage quit), had it been sim, would have just stopped, but figured out by running X-Plane it was my devices, then remembered I had changed LED color and did not unplug one of them first. So did unplug one, reloaded firmware, created profile, recalibrated it, and then remembered to save the profile in my backup place. Did same for another device, and then everything worked as planned. My fault, and important lesson, PC’s et-al are stupid, and do exactly what you tell them to do, even if that instruction is WRONG. Now it’s working.

I’ve heard that today’s smartphones have more processing power than the Apollo’s spacecraft that took men to the Moon.

Allegedly :wink: