📢 Everyone...Get Out and Push!

A humorous look at one of the MSFS anomalies and how I overcame it. :wink:


#anomaly #ksna #elevationerror #getoutandpush

I mentioned in the video that I would have a link to the Pushback Helper utility. Here it is, along with the scenery mod for KSNA…

Pushback Helper utility

KSNA airport scenery mod

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This actually happened to me recently. It turns out that somehow my photo geometry got turned off. There was also another setting that had to do with streaming data was switched off. I don’t think I turned these settings off, but they may have been turned off during an update. Anyway, since I fixed those settings, I have had no more curbs or speed bumps at the airports.

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Those settings were the first things I looked at. A while back (three/four months ago?), that same “bump” was there (documented here) and I “fixed” it by rebuilding my rolling cache and recreating the manual cache of the area. It did disappear but since I don’t typically use that runway, I don’t know when the bump came back.

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Copy. Good to know. Seems like the developers need to address the cache issues. The average user would not think about checking that to fix scenery issues.

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