Everything back to normal!

I’ve just updated to the latest 1.95 patch today and anxiously try to fly three different aircrafts (SR22, TBM 930 and 787) for a test flight. As I don’t have much hope for that but after three flights, one + hour for each. I can’t believe what the result was, every single bugs and issues were gone. Autopilot, approaching, climb rate and power , etc of the above mentioned aircrafts are all back to normal and perform as what they should be. I almost give up MSFS before this update but now I have confidence again and have to thank you guys of all the staffs of MS and Asobo of your hard work. However, I know there are still many gamers are experiencing different issues or problems running this sim or some even can’t launch the game. I just hope their issues could be solved soon or later.


im afraid most users that have problems still is themself to blame, this sim is working good and always have for me.


that’s the mentality. If it worked ok and doesn’t after patch it’s users fault because it works for you? And then you call people looking for help like me troll.

Seriously? Users have themselves to blame for the issues in this Sim.

jepp, go fix your computer instead of Trolling