Excellent Performance Improvements but terrible choice on changing controls

Hope everybody is liking the new SU5. The performance improvements have been massive, I literally just saw a jump from 25-30 fps up to 60fps no more than 70. Literally a 2x improvement and it is noticeable. Not only has the FPS has jumped by a lot but most of the stutters have been reduced by a tenfold. There where a bit of noticeable downgrades obviously with the draw distances and LOD but for me as long as I am able to do my procedures and flights, I am okay with it.

On the other hand I am truly dissatisfied with the new controls decision implemented for the PC version. I can tell it lines up with the Xbox version, but I find it a lot harder to engage a lot of the modes for the autopilot. I still have not been able to figure out how to activate NAV or HDG mode for the A321 AP. Nor do I know how to active the Managed Speed or Selected Speed at all. Same with the Altitude select. Why change the controls Asobo. The original was just fine. Hope they revert back to the old way. Anybody else agree?


Several folks have said there’s a “legacy” mode, have you tried that?


I have not, let me take a look into it. Still do not see why they would switch it out and put it under a legacy mode. Should have kept it separate from the Xbox version.


Agreed. :slight_smile: (goes back to fighting with content manager hoping to one day start the sim)

The new lock mode is really nice because it makes fiddling with controls like knobs much less fiddly and error prone. Lock mode works as such:

  • Highlight a control (like a knob)
  • Hold Left Mouse Button to lock to that control. Now your mouse will not affect any other controls or other mouse bindings (yay!)
  • Move the mouse left to turn the knob left, move it right to turn the knob right (with Left Mouse Button held down)
  • Alternatively, use the scroll wheel while holding Left Mouse Button down to turn the knob left or right
  • To push a control in, lock to the control using Left Mouse Button and then right click

-Matt | Working Title


So I’m confused…you’re trying to activate with the mouse? What about a yoke or throttle quad control buttons for the NAV and HDG… that’s still the same right?
I’m still downloading so I can’t check.

Yes with the mouse I am trying Matt method, the push works now I am trying to figure out the pull.

Awesome just gave it a try and figure that portion out. How would I pull the the knob out? Thanks for all your guys hard work!

There is indeed a legacy mode that allows you to use the control settings we have always had, I agree with you ands switched to that very mode and everything is to my liking once again :smiley:


But, even switching to legacy mode doesn’t restore the original xbox controller bindings and they also inverted the y and x axis. I wish there was a way to restore that.

What is LMB?

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LMB is “Left Mouse Button”

LMB? Yeah I don’t quite get that. Went back to legacy.

Mine still shows ? for lock. How do I fix that?

I see, I use m&k so I cannot help you with the xbox controller bindings, but I am sure it can be customized to your liking in the new menu

Left Mouse Button

I happen to like it. :man_shrugging: Rotating knobs is way easier now. But legacy is there for folks that don’t.

-Matt | Working Title

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I agree. For me, the game is running awesome.

The change of the default controls for PC to reflect the controls for Xbox is a HUGE negative for me.

When I fly planes like the 208 Caravan for missions in FSEconomy, I like adjusting my prop RPM, throttle, and fuel mix with the set percentages displayed when I hover and use mouse-wheel.

Having to use the controller to do it all is a massive pain.

Switching the Cockpit Interaction setting to Legacy, under General>Accessibility only gets rid of the annoying pop-ups. But I still have to use the new control scheme, which I genuinely do not like. And even if I can now use mouse-wheel or click-drag for my levers, I no longer am able to see the percentage values. Yes, I’m one of those type of people.

I hope they at least allow an option to be able to have a “PC Original” and “Xbox Original” control scheme.

I could change each keybind to the original values - however that is going to be arduous and its completely unnecessary to have to do.

Everything about this update is great, aside from the control scheme.

I may just end up finally buying a yoke or hotas just to get rid of a lot of these issues.


Setting to Legacy should also set your mouse interaction back to the old click and scroll wheel modes, identical to previous sim versions.

-Matt | Working Title

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Can someone provide a step by step on getting rid of the lock ? So I can really try the new lock feature. I am all for learning new stuff but I can’t use the new lock feature as it is.