Excessive Turbulance or unstable flight Model

Excessive Bounciness and turbulence / thermal effects in fs20.
How does one turn off the bumpiness?
its ridiculously wayyyyy toooo much
if a real plane bumped around that much id be sick after 1 minute.
Ive selected clam weather… the aircraft still bumps around lots.

PLEASE tell me how to turn this silly feature off.


It’s actually the other way. The sim is way too stable compared to real plane. Have no idea if this could be turned off


Well I have my own pitts special in real life and I can sure fly the heck out of that however the flightsim one is virtually impossible to keep smooth and it keeps moving up and down and left and right it’s just ridiculous and far from close to real


having the same issue…even with no clouds no winds, it’s boucing around…which is kinda annoying…and no close to reality…(i flew for 18 years)…dont know either how to solve that…talking about airliners…with smaller airplanes it “is” understandable…i would say…cheers


Neither of you say what aircraft or weather you are flying in and both are vitally important for this conversation.

The way I see it you are both right and both wrong. I’ve flown in a lot of nice still air where it felt like I was like I was flying along a glass table. But during hot summer days I’d sometimes feel like a ball in a pinball table. It is in between that normally.

I get minor turbulence in the game most of the time but a few times it has been pretty still. The turbulence is certainly in no way unrealistic and still what I’d call lite turbulence. IF you think this is bad you should try moderate in the real world!

I’m a GA flyer so that is what I’m talking about. The larger planes feel it a lot less of course.

Anyway, if you want super smooth flying then you need to keep the surface temperature fairly low and the winds calm. The smoothest flying is generally in the early morning before the ground starts warming up, I had aircraft co-owners that only ever flew just after sunrise. I’ve no idea if that works in the sim at present because winds are a bit iffy.

Other things you can try is fly over water. I had a friend that was feeling sick because of minor turbulence once so I just modified the course to fly offshore a bit, that was nice and smooth. I haven’t tried that in sim either.


Ah, airliners. You certainly can get them to move a lot. A flight back from Singapore was a nightmare many years ago but yeah. People should be able to find smooth air for that easily though. It is smooth in airliners 95% of the time in the AU during cruise.

Well, we know winds are broken in most parts of the world so I would guess it is related to that. It could be worth adding a Zendesk report for it still though if people haven’t already.

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Try the cj4 landing comp into the snowy airport… The cj just bounces around the screen. It’s stupid and not realistic

Try pitts special outta yssy at midday on a clear skies day. Bounces around like a fly in a box. Not realistic at all!!!

I had the same thoughts but turned out it was my T16000M that was spiking in the rudder axis… Downloaded the Official drivers from Thrustmaster and now it’s far more stable and realistic.

Have a look at your Joystick calibration and see if same is happening to you?

It’s not that. But cheers

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I agree that the turbulence needs to be tuned down and tweaked a bit. It’s too heavy at the moment. Also, when flying through turbulence, I would love to see wingdrop like in real life. In FS2020 you can fly through turbulence with your hands off the controls and the airplane will be able to maintain heading. This is not the case in real life.


This sometimes happens to me when flying the 172 near hills… Just not so often…

You always get small wingdrops when the air is bumpy and turbulent, which requires you to constantly adjust to maintain your heading. That’s something I miss. I think I made a post about this a while ago, but can’t find it.

I’ve been flying around the south east of the UK in the C172 for the last few days using real weather and it feels fairly realistic to me re turbulence and having to constantly readjust to maintain your heading.
I did about 8 hours of instruction out of Elstree in a Cessna 152 many years ago and although my memory of that might not be so accurate now it certainly feels similar in the Sim to me.

I agree mattathm, much too restless with no wind. Start the flight with clear skies, open the weather windows, remove the wind layer (click and remove) and still every aircraft is restless as if there is very strong wind turbulence. Should be revised.


Flying the Bush Trip over the Sierra Nevada is proving to be very calm, except when going through the valleys. Just like I would expect.

A couple of flights I made over the Peak District in the UK with real weather were rather choppy, also as I would expect. One sudden gust did cause a 10-15 degree roll to the right which was nice and unexpected.

After years of flying with no realistic turbulence in sims I’m really happy with what we have now. The air feels alive, and it feels completely random in its movement. Even the Active Sky turbulence in FSX felt too forced, and was very much an on/off thing.

Maybe it’s too strong or too frequent at times. I don’t have much real life experience to go off however.

Also, the way that winds and turbulence dramatically drop off as you’re close to touchdown are excellently done in my opinion.

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But some GA planes feels so different
For example C152 feels extremely good while the 172 not

And that statement is based on how many real world hours on which aircraft if I may ask?

Turbulence is not necessarily only directly due to wind conditions though.

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Flying over variable terrain, such as valleys, hills, mountains, or any slope etc. can give you a bumpy ride, and can give you updraughts/downdraughts as well.

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